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The clear mountain waters are inviting, and the open ranges are waiting to be discovered. Bring your family to Custer State Park, and let yourself run wild. Custer State Park in the Black Hills encompasses 71,000 acres of spectacular terrain and an abundance of wildlife. Within the park, you'll discover a world of adventure!

Not too difficult of a hike, but if you're not used to the elevation, you might feel a little winded. Most of the hike is on a well-travelled path that is easy to follow. I went on a weekday, and there weren't that many people there. There is very little shade and it was around 80 degrees the other day, so I was hot, but it was cooler higher up. I found the hike a little boring at first, except that the view at the end made it totally worth it. Be prepared for some rock climbing at the end...I'm not that incredibly fit, but I found it completely doable with a good pair of hiking shoes.

2 months ago

Very fun! The parts with railings and rock scrambling are a little like an adult jungle gym!

2 months ago

I really liked the variety of scenery and trail features. After walking past Sylvan Lake, I chose to go clockwise on the loop, as some of the other people have suggested here, and I'm glad I did it that way. Towards the end of the trail, the path guides you between an area of large boulders with a small creek running through it. There are handrails for you to hold onto since you have to climb over some smaller boulders and occasionally some steep steps to get through it. If you were going counterclockwise, you'd have to go down them, and I imagine it gets slippery at times. It's more strenuous going up them, but personally I like having the more challenging uphill parts at the end of a trail when I'm more loosened up...but that's me. Plus, they're beautiful to look at and a beautiful way to end the hike. Just make sure you have good hiking shoes. Starting clockwise, you're near the boulders at first and then start going down in elevation into mostly a forest area, sometimes going near the highway. The trail is considered 'strenuous' in the Custer State Park guide, probably because of the rocky terrain. The trail is narrow and windy, with you often having to walk over rocks and tree roots and occasionally having to climb over small boulders. To me, that just made it more fun, because I get bored easily. I encountered a few other hikers, but was by myself for most of it. There are also some good picture-taking opportunities, but I unfortunately didn't have a decent camera with me. Overall, I really enjoyed myself and would go again, but I'm only in the area for a short while longer and want to try out other trails. :)

great views, not too long, cross same Creek ten times on planks.

Not too difficult. Some rocky areas to get over. Nice views!

3 months ago

Pretty hike. The first 3/4 mile was a steady steep ascent, definitely a butt buster. The view is gorgeous. Once you leave the lookout its an easy walk. You eventually run into water which you cross several times on planks. Great place for the dogs to cool off. A recommended not to difficult hike.

Loved the views from the top and the stream. Did not care for following the road back.

trail running
3 months ago

great views good mix of terrain.

Take your time and explore!

Amazing views, I bit of a climb but I'd do it again! Some rocks and steep parts but doable. Amazing panoramic views of the spires once you get to the valley on top. ❤️

Took this hike yesterday. Parked at the lake in Custer State Park and hiked to another parking lot, and started on the actual trail. Not too busy for a fall weekend. The rock at the top is a real scramble but one to the left is much easier. Beautiful views along the way and on top. Our dog loved it. She was able to make it through the squeeze better than I did.

This is a very lovely hike. Begins with a slight incline, becomes moderate, progresses to a somewhat steep gravelly slope, and ends with a fun climb up the rocks through a couple of tight spaces. Panoramic view from the top. There is almost no shade for most of the trail, so be prepared. It took 30 minutes moving slowly to get to the spur. Fast hikers could get to the spur in 15 minutes. Highly recommended!!

4 months ago

This is a short, scenic walk. Nothing to go out of the way to do. We were staying at Legion Lake Lodge, so it was natural to just check it out.

Great hike!!