Table Rock Mountain provides a towering backdrop for an upcountry retreat at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Table Rock State Park features two lakes, a campground, mountain cabins, meeting facilities and its historic, renovated lodge. The park has been one of South Carolinas most popular since it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Many of its structures are now on the National Register of Historic Places. Table Rock was home to one of the states first formal nature education programs and now serves as a trailhead for the 80-mile long Foothills Trail through the wilderness along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Trails through the forested park also include one that leads to the top of Table Rock Mountain itself. The park also hosts a visitors center near the main gate along S.C. 11, the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway.

pretty decent hike

6 days ago

Loved this hike! View was spectacular. Picnic lunch on Governor's Rock. 3 1/2 hours there and back. Weather was gorgeous on Oct 1. Saw a doe and her fawn in the woods.

Perfect difficulty for our family with young kids. The kids loved sliding down the water over the rocks

10 days ago

13 days ago

Great hike on a cool day with a couple of great views of the countryside. Strenuous climb with only a handful of flat break once you reach the ridge. Advertised as 7 hour round trip but can be completed in 4 or so hours by someone in decent hiking condition. Can be quite crowded on the trail on a nice day.

14 days ago

View was amazing

Fantastic hike with a great view. I will probably do the loop from pinnacle to table rock on my next visit.

25 days ago

This is one of my favorite trails for kids. It is an easy hike that runs mostly along the stream. There are lots of beautiful scenes and cool things to stop and look at, and lots of nice places to take a break and let the kids put their feet or hands in the water to cool off (just watch them VERY carefully, as the rocks can be very slick and the water moves fast in a few places). There are a few hills to make it just challenging enough that kids will feel like they've accomplished something worthwhile

26 days ago

Second time I've done this hike, I just do the table rock trail which is very well laid out and marked..the leaves are starting to change, so today was a beautiful hike!! This one is a great exercise, if your looking for #LegDay well hike this mountain! Very great views and awesome scenery along the way, I always go early to avoid crowds, hiking is my escape from reality, so I enjoy the solitude..The view from the summit is breath taking, I've seen better but it is still one for the books!

1 month ago

Rough hike. We were heading to the top of table rock but the guy at the check in recommended we took the path to Pinnacle then cut through the Mill Creek Trail, and head back up that way. Horrible mistake. Added 6.5 miles to the trip and we ran out of water due to this. The table rock trail was not bad at all, and the views were beautiful but do not take any advice from the guy at check in.

Tough, tough climb. It's a manageable/moderate trail until the last little climb to Bald Knob, which is a tough, technical climb. That part of the trail is highly eroded, so there are lots of roots and rocks in addition to a relatively steep ascent. The most difficult part, by far, is the ascent from Bald Knob to the summit. Like noted in another review, it's almost straight up, few switchbacks. Not all of that ascent is difficult, though - some of it is crazy easy. But the hard parts are very steep and technical. It didn't help that it was in the low to mid 90s when we hiked it! Not a lot of breeze up there! But the accomplishment of making it to the summit (which, btw, had lots of pretty wild flowers on the trail) and the views from Bald Knob, combined with the lack of crowds compared to the Table Rock trail, made it worthwhile. Bring plenty of water and be prepared for a workout! My Strava clocked it at 8 miles exactly, from the office to the summit and back. Took us about 6 hours, but that's with lengthy stops at Bald Knob for snacks and the view.

great place to exercise and you get to enjoy the magnificent view at the top. one of my favorite hikes to far.

This trail is strenuous . Contrary to the 7.2 miles out and back in the trail description, the trail is actually 8.4 miles. The hike to Bald Knob (apprx. 3.6 m. [thus the 7.2 mi. hike]) is what makes the hike worthwhile, the views are spectacular. The trail to Pinnacle Mountain summit is about .8 mi. and practically straight steep uphill, very few switchbacks to lessen the grade, scaled it because it was there, but there are no views at the top.

Nice easy walk..great beginners trail.

Great trial. Parents - our 4 yr old and 3 yr old made it all the way. They loved it!!!

1 month ago

Good hike. Lots of steps and rocks near the beginning/end. Views at the top are spectacular.

Very good hike. Terrain varies throughout the trail. There are smooth trail sections and other sections are rocky. It is about 3.5 miles up to Brass Knob Overlook. The ranger told us Brass Knob is a better place to stop because the hike continuing to the pinnacle is quite steep and rocky and there isn't a view. There is a beautiful view from this lookout.
On the descent, you could retrace your steps down on the same path to complete the 7/7.2 mile hike OR you can descend about half a mile, turn left at the Mill Creek Pass trail and follow it for about half a mile. That will connect you to the Ridge Trail, which is a smoother, less rocky descent than the Pinnacle trail but is a bit longer. The Ridge trail connects to the Table Rock trail and you can follow it back to the parking lot.
So, you can hike the Pinnacle up and down for a 7.2 mile hike, or go up the Pinnacle, and then follow the Mill Creek-Ridge-Table Rock trails on the descent for a 9.3 mile hike. The longer hike took about five hours with a half hour stop at the overlook at Brass Knob.
The hike is mostly shaded and is a good workout heading up.

Went Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Got there by 8:30am and successfully beat the crowds. Very nice path but definitely exhausting. Our dog made it the entire way but was pretty worn out afterward. Coming down, we must've passed at least 150 hikers --- it got very crowded about lunch time or shortly after. Actually it was ridiculously crowded but still worth it. Would love to hike again.

2 months ago

I have done tons of hiking with my kids ages 6, 8 and 17 and this trail is defiantly one of our favorites. It has everything we enjoy on a trail: waterfalls, cool bridges, huge rock formations and best of all awesome views. It is a challenging trail and may be a little much for younger children who are not active. I saw a few family's turn back on the way up. The trail is pretty much a constant climb for 3.6 miles. The trail is well kept and well trafficked but not crowded even on a Saturday evening. At the beginning of the trail at the nature center they will give you a certificate saying you have completed the trail. The kids thought it was cool.