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Oconee State Park offers the joys of a mountain retreat without the work. The historic park rests deep in the Blue Ridge foothills, with several picturesque but non-demanding hiking trails and well-kept cabins and campgrounds that have welcomed families for annual trips since the days the park was first built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The parks fishing lakes offer bass and bream and the woods are full of wildlife, fur and feather alike. Oconee State Park also serves as the southern trailhead for the Foothills Trail, an 80-mile wilderness hike on the dramatic Blue Ridge Escarpment on up to Table Rock. Adjacent to Sumter National Forest, the park also serves as a jumping off point to the nearby Chattooga and Chauga rivers, hotspots for whitewater rafting and trout fishing. For those wanting to take it easy, Oconee State Park is an ideal destination. After all, its mailing address is the town of Mountain Rest.

Nice easy hike to visit some historic sites and a waterfall,

1 month ago

Very nice trail. Some maintenance has been completed in the trail in the last couple of months.

Very easy hike that you can do with kids. Waterfall is very nice.

Great walk. A few slight hills on the way to a beautiful waterfall!

Great hike for kids!

Very nice trail with excellent grades. There are a few good spots for camping and water points. Great views in the winter times.

NOT "Easy"
I am not an avid hiker, but I gave hiked in Colorado, California, Arizona, Utah, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Greece, Italy in the last 10 or so years and this is by FAR the hardest "easy" rated trail ever!

But a great hike and a beautiful waterfall.

Very beautiful.

2 months ago

Beautiful as ever; new difficult deadfall since July.

Very nice trail, it definitely gets lots of use and has recently been maintained.

Very easy trail and can be walked in just under an hour. The falls is nice but could be more if they had more water over them.

2 months ago

My favorite hike and waterfall in SC! It's also said to be the "most scenic" on the state. Can be a bit confusing to find, I had to ask a forest worker myself, but the hassle was well worth it! Beautiful fields, you have to cross and leap some streams, and climb over some boulders, but the payoff makes it all worth it! Gorgeous waterfall, lots of places to sit, rest, eat lunch and take it all in. I was able to walk right under the falls and let it drench me. I love everything about this place.

Great trial for small kids! 2 1/2 yr old and 4 yr old loves it.

2 months ago

Hiked it back in March, pretty incredible trail. My favorite section is the stretch along the Chattooga river.

2 months ago

This is a nice little trail branching off the Foothills Trail in Oconee State Park. We only met two other couples the whole time we were out, and I understand that this is fairly normal for this trail (not very heavily traveled) but I don't know for sure. I would rate the hike easy to moderate, with only a few places that might challenge the inexperienced hiker/walker. Even the "hard" hills are pretty short lived, and they are concentrated near the falls. The rest of the trail is a walk in the woods. Even if you struggle, the hike is worth the effort for the waterfall at the end. It is small, but cool. You can climb up to it if you dare, but I personally don't recommend being too daring because it can be very dangerous. It is probably best enjoyed from down below. I gave this trail four stars because it has a waterfall; otherwise I feel it is a solid three stars, simply because it is an ordinary, no-frills foot path. Other then the waterfall, this is just like any other trail with no real views or high points. I love to walk in the woods, but to me, four stars has to be more than just a walk in the woods...it was the waterfall that did it.

Beautiful waterfall! Trail looks to be well maintained but had some recent trees come down across it. Would definitely go back.

Great trail! Waterfall was worth the hike- not much traffic either. My dog loved it!

Pretty easy trail, good length and fun waterfall!