Going on a hike this weekend! can't wait! thank you all for the cool reviews :)

I loved this hike. Has some challenging and rocky sections. Overall, it was a very enjoyable hike. Incorporated Yawgoog pond, Ell pond, and Long pond into this hike and turned it into a 8.5 mile hike.
Definitely one of the better hikes in Rhode Island. I will definitely return.

Love this trail in RI. It's got some incline so it's a workout for beginners or young kids. Their are some wonderful rocks and flora along the way. Great way to spend 2 or 3 hours.

This is an okay hike. It's mostly flat but there are some very steep and rocky sections. There isn't much to see in the way of lookouts, but the trail itself has much to offer. There are rhododendrons all over and there are boulders on which to walk on. It gives it a different feel to most trails in this area. It's an alright hike to stretch one's legs, but not much for views and thrills.

Coolest trail in Rhode Island, depending on seasons and if you actually like to hike or walk on the beach?

Great hike

Nice hike with some challenging, steep, rocky sections. The rhododendron maximum are in bloom right now and are beautiful.

Loved it...little of everything..climbing, hiking, walking, great scenery! Will go back again!

Great hike! I'm a novice so it was a nice challenge for me. A lot of ups and downs on rocks. Highly recommend this one if you want more of a workout!

4 months ago

challenging and enjoyable. a plethora of different terrains. plus the biggest milipedes I ever saw! can't wait to go back!

it was pretty cool and decently rocky

It was a great trail. I had taking my dog for a walk to the pond. We both had a good time. Especially penny ( my dog) when she hit the water to play. The trail is rocky with lots of ups and downs but worth the challenge.

6 months ago

Great hike. Awesome views of lakes, summits, etc. The entire trail out and back both ways is about 6 miles.

6 months ago

Great way to spend a Sunday. My pug didn't have a problem with the harder portion of the trail. My husband and I would just pick him up if he needed help, but he loved it!