mountain biking
20 days ago

The trails provide a lot of options to suit a lot of different skill levels.

4 months ago

I agree with several earlier reviews that the trails are not very well marked in many places. Still, it's pretty tough to really get lost -- and the diversity of terrain (and difficulty levels) and natural beauty still make this a well-deserved repeat hike! Overall, perhaps, a "moderate" rating may be appropriate: but there are many -- many! -- sections that are very challenging, both up and down. I strongly advise bringing good trekking-hiking poles with you, and plan to take periodic breaks along the way. (I also don't recommend hiking this when the temperatures are in the mid-90's with high humidity. . . learn from my dumb mistake!)

5 months ago

No markings, mostly up hill tough coming down with all the rocks bring a walking stick and it will help

trail not clearly marked

Totally could not find the actual trailhead. We ended up finding one at the state park across the road from where it was supposed to be. It's a lovely area, and we got delicious ice cream afterward. But very difficult to find and follow.

6 months ago

7 months ago

Beautiful day. Mountain bike race happening, made it challenging to hike with small children. Trailhead and signage lacking.

Not terrible, not ok short hike. The condition of the park and trail is fair, the summit unclear and unspectacular, and the old ski-slope alternate descent a mess. I brought 3 little boys here on their second introduction to hiking, and the only thing that made any impression was the batman logo graffiti painted on one of the rock walls.

This was a great hike on a beautiful Sunday morning. I reached the summit and had a great view. There were no crowds. I will be back!

mountain biking
4 years ago

This trail is an extremely short rout that leads you to the top of an old and unused ski slope. It is difficult to amuse your self here if you mearly follow the designated path, I highly recommend exploring some side paths and looking for features near the trail for entertainment. To get you started, if you read the review below and are able to find the steep descent back to the parking lot, i know of a neat jump located on the left most tree line. So, once you are about to descend, slow up and scan for the jump, it is not very concealed. Good luck and enjoy

6 years ago

Located in the northeast corner of Rhode Island in the town of Cumberland this 475 hill with a 270 elevation gain has several trails on its slopes. The southern terminus of the 36 mile Warner Trail is located here. Today people hike and mountain bike its trails. The Diamond Hill Trail follows the Warner Trail from the parking lot along a wooded footpath with rock ledges to the east and wetlands on the west side of the trail before climbing along a loose rock covered cart path to the summit. Several rock out crops offer fine views to the south west and east. The Diamond Hill Trail leaves the Warner Trail and heads down a grassed ski slope area back to the parking lot.