7 months ago

The parking off Wood Road was spacious and conveniently located at the base of the trail. I was a little disappointed when starting up the trail as it was nothing more than a dirt road. My idea of a good hike is a narrow path in the woods with varying terrain. We followed this dirt road aka Benson Mt. Trail until it intersected with Starr Road. You guessed it another road as advertised. But I stuck with the hike as the tri-state marker was coming up soon. It was worth the wait. The marker was a fun place to show off to my Grandson and take fun pictures. After clowning around at the marker, we started walking the Mass-RI state line. This is where my idea of a good hike really started. It was a moderate trail that led into the North-South trail. The North-South Trail was a good work-out. I would rate this one as moderate too. There were a couple of long uphills that gave you a good work-out. My Golden Retriever especially enjoyed the various brooks and small streams we crossed.
There was a distinct lack of trail markings until we hit the North-South Trail. Take a map with you and Check in at the base of the Trail With AllTrails so you can follow your GPS and stay on track.
It is also a dog-friendly trail but as always, you need to keep the on a leash.