Me and my dogs did day hikes of the trail I just keep them in sight but they have to greet all hikers

This is an easy trail that is nice to do
in the fall while the leaves are changing. The terrain was for the most part pretty flat so the view didn't change much.

4 months ago

5 months ago

Gorgeous trail, some steep stretches, great campsites

6 months ago

Nice for a short hike. Starts with a slight uphill climb shortly into the hike followed by a very scenic downhill loop along the stream which contains a small (about 7ft) waterfall and a few cascades. I recorded the track at 1.46mi.

I hiked this trail January 16-18 2016. We started at the office and hiked clockwise. The initial ascent was a pretty good climb, but with fresh legs it wasn't bad. There was some snow and ice on the ground that made many parts of this trail just a little harder.

We camped at the first campsite at Sones pond on Saturday night. I would recommend the last campsite here. That one seemed a better protected from the pond. Especially if it is windy.

The Iron bridge is closed to vehicle traffic but as of now you are able to walk across it.

We stayed at the campsite right after Cold Run road. This is known as Devils Playground on some maps. There was a stream near the site. This area was very rocky and wet and it made for some difficulty putting up four small tents. Monday we woke up to a fresh layer of snow.

We were following three other hikers the whole time until we passed by them the last day. We had 5 runners pass us with saws. They were clearing the trail for an upcoming ultra-marathon. It was nice since they removed a lot of down trees along the trail. We seen 4 day hikers and 2 mountain bikers. So we did have some company while hiking but we never had to share a vista or a campsite.

All in all this was a nice scenic trail with a few decent climbs and descents. It was a very muddy trail in some parts. So be prepared to have wet and muddy feet most of the time during wet seasons. The LT was marked very well with the Link Trail only having a few spots where I questioned the direction the trail went.

We did this trail in reverse over Labor Day Weekend 2015- 2 nights and 2.5 days, using the Alpine Club of Williamsport Guide. The trail is well-marked and the guide was spot on. There were a few switchbacks: ascending from The Haystacks to the W&NB RR after the Register at mile marker 53; at Tom's Run/Alpine Falls. The water was hardly there anymore with it being late Summer.
As for the guide, the only thing I wish that could have been pointed out is the exact location of the Link Trail Entry point which was directly behind the World's End SP. It was a beautiful experience that I would do it again.

The trail is not Maintained. I will do it again, however, for this gem off the trail that was so beautiful. The hike back was not as easy, due to my right knee.

Very easy trail to hike. Did the hike on a family vacation weekend and everyone enjoyed the great view of the lake and a nice easy trail.

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on Double Run Trail

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2 years ago

This is a great, short trail with lots to see. The water is especially pretty (and cold which we discovered when I dropped my phone into it!). Highly recommended for a quick hike!

2 years ago

This is one of our favorite trails. We took our 3, 7 and 11 year olds and they did fine although I wouldn't recommend doing this one without a child carrier for the little ones ( I carried the 3 year old in the backpack) It's a beautiful trail with a lot of ankle to knee deep creek stomping for the kids. There are some pretty steep climbs and steep downhill areas on this trail but the beautiful waterfalls are worth it. Once you cross the creek you can turn right for an easier hike or left for the steep climb. I have also taken the right and hiked up and back the same way to avoid the steepest part of the loop to the left.

Great hike and even better camping spots. I did 16 miles of this trail twice and most recently took my younger brother and nephew to give them their first overnight/outdoor experience. They loved it! Once we got to the CCC, we camped about another 1/2 mile into the trail right along the river. I actually landed this spot once before and it's perfect if you want to go swimming and even do some cliff diving. Great hikes for dogs and at times can be a bit "terrainy", but not a bad hike for second or third timers.

3 years ago

Great trail; several nice waterfalls, a couple of vistas, plenty of water & campsites. For a slightly shorter, 2-day, 1-night trip (about 20 miles) you could start at World's End SP, on the Link Trail half of the loop, and camp along Loyalsock Creek below Rte 154, or at the Haystacks (+4 miles round trip), then take the LT section back to the park.

Pretty significant elevation gain. Lots of good places to camp. Lots of nice scenery and great vistas. Trail is notoriously swampy in some areas. Very rocky in others. But all around this is a great hike.

4 years ago

Very,serene. The lake is beautiful and the area surrounding eagles mere is so calming. Easy flat trail around a lake. Definitely will hike this again next time we go to eagles mere for the weekend!

6 years ago

One of the best hikes in the state. I have done the Northern end a few times, starting off route 220, the Haystacks are really cool and there are some nice camping spots.