The parking field is a little confusing bc it says "authorized vehicles only." I parked there along with many others and nothing was said so I guess that's okay. The trail starts across the field. There are lots of trails and it's pretty easy to get lost. I ended up in a woman's front yard at one point and then turned around. I had to backtrack to get to the car until I saw "cars" spray painted in orange on a tree. The trails aren't marked very well.

mountain biking
4 months ago

To find the trail you have to go back the road that says authorized vehicles's at the back of the field. The trails are nice single track with some roots exposed. Nice running or mountain bike. We got caught in a storm while we were had to leave quickly. Looking forward to coming back. There are more trails on the other side of the road which come out 15 feet down on Muse on the other side of McClintock Road. they wrap up to the dog park....

mountain biking
1 year ago

White Oak park is an 810 acre park located in near Mckeesport, PA. It is an Allegheny county park with fields, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and a large dog park. It is also home to rare plants not usually seen in PA.

It has ~8 miles of singletrack suitable for beginners/intermediate riders. All of the trails are bi-directional and are enjoyable in each direction. The trails are open year around and recover from heavy rains quickly.

Trail maintenance is performed by local volunteers in association of Trail Pittsburgh.

Nice Dog Park