7 months ago

Nice 1 mile hike. Easy trail with pretty sights. Orange tree markings easy to follow.

10 months ago

Pretty trails, with my favorite being the Red and Honeysuckle trail where we saw lots of wildlife.

Bring my pup here quite often. It's a very nice short trail, with not as many rocks as some other trails nearby. Very shallow stream crossings perhaps 2 or 3 of them. Also has a marker for a black trail as well up to the right at the end of the first straightaway. Thim that just loops back to Snyder road.

A nice hike but not a lot going on. You really have to go inside the actual trail to make it feel like you are hiking and not just walking in your backyard. Boating is a good touch if you interested in doing that.

1 year ago

I live near there and hike there often. Worst place I have ever hiked with my dog ( on a leash ). People don't leash their dogs and I have to protect myself and my dog from from other dogs every time I walk there, one day 3 dogs off the leash came after us. I feel the need to carry a stick for protection. I would not recommend hiking there or walking there to anybody. Go somewhere else this place is unsafe for hiking or walking. I would not give this trail any stars.

3 years ago

Green Lane park is an amazing mix of walking trails, picnic areas, horse and hiking paths. Longer trails take you around the lake while short walking paths lead you around the beautiful wooded areas.
Great place to spend a few hours or a half day.
Nice to have a great place so local to Bucks County, PA.

3 years ago

Really easy. For a nice easy lazy day.

We just completed the Green Lane Reservoir Trails. It was a lot of fun and great exercise. My suggestion is to park in the lot off of Knight Rd. and start with the blue trail, then connect with the Perkiomen Trail. Take this to the Green connector trail, then to Red trail. You basically go around the entire reservoir. took about 5 hours with a few breaks. It is close to 15 miles or so.

Trail had quite a few parts where creeks and streams had worn away the path. Made for some muddy and wet (cold) hiking here and there. But a beautiful path to hike in the fall without needing much commitment. Two or three moderate length hills.

lots of wildlife relaxing