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The 554-acre Trough [troff] Creek State Park is a scenic gorge formed as Great Trough Creek cuts through Terrace Mountain and empties into Raystown Lake. Rugged hiking trails lead to wonders like Balanced Rock and Rainbow Falls. Rothrock State Forest and Raystown Lake Recreation Area border the park, making a large, contiguous area of public land for recreation.

I have to say even an inexperienced hiker or nature enthusiast would not have a hard time on this trail. It is used slightly less than the main trail at the swinging bridge and balanced rock. It's a slight incline,(nothing you can't handle) and if you connect with some of the other trails you can make a nice loop. You could follow it up to ledges trail and work your way right back to the falls, balance rock, and the bridge. All in all it isn't difficult and it is a beautiful walk.

I haven't the slightest as to why this is labeled hard. Honestly it is a simple series of trails coming together in a beautiful area. This is a perfect place to take the family or friends. It's usually heavily trafficked and if you connect the trails you get under ten miles and most lead back to balance rock so you won't really get lost.

Great trails. Elevation changes, rock formations, suspension bridge, overlooks, and other features that make the hike interesting. Close to Raystown Lake.

5 months ago

Great trail! The trail is short but you can connect to other trails to make the hike longer. it's definitely busy and I can see why. There's a suspension bridge in the beginning... certainly an experience and then stone stairs up to the balancing rock. Some of the trial is narrow and high up.. caution recommended.

8 months ago

I have hiked this trail my whole life. the begining is very easy over the bridge and to the falls after that it turns into steps up to balanced rock. the entire way is beautiful but very heavily trafficked. if you want solitude try boulder trail. it connects to 2 or 3 other trails in the park. the map at the rangers station is very helpful. my mother and father actually got married on the bridge at rainbow falls. :)

9 months ago

10 months ago

Interesting nature feature.

Beautiful and relaxing

According to the map of the park, there are 11 named hiking trails. I started at the car park at the beginning of the Copperas Rock Trail which will take you up to the Rhododendron Trail (on the map) but called the ledges trail according to the sign. At the end of this trail you can head over to the Balanced rock (see photo) and then down to the suspension bridge (another photo). Crossing the bridge puts you onto the Boulder trail which leads to the Laurel Run Trail which will loop you back to your car. The entire route is about 4 miles. You can drive further into the park for additional trails.

Trails are not well marked so highly recommend you get the map for the park.

Really enjoyed the Rainbow Falls and Balancing Rock, very cool rock formations. Saw the most amazing blue warbler ever!
Downside, we stayed at Lake Raystown Resort, and were warned to either bring our firearm or a big stick along on our hike, because copperheads have been seen. Big sticks were plentiful, but then we were a little edgy on the hike, not only about the snakes but wondering if other hikers were packing. But didn't see either and it was in the middle of July!

It was not much I agree but still peaceful and beautiful when you reach the top

I hiked a loop through the park that's described in "50 Hikes in Central Pennsylvania", about 7 mi. that took in most of the well known features of the park. Trail maintenance and blazing are spotty, as mentioned in other reviews. There are some nice trails here along with interesting history. The view from Brumbaugh trail is obscured by leaves in the summer.

3 years ago

Great trail with great views. I played in the water at the picnic area, before going up the trail.

3 years ago

This is the crown jewel of Trough Creek Park. It has everything! Well, a lot of sights at least.

3 years ago

This is a beautiful trail. In one short loop it passes Balanced Rock, Rainbow Falls and runs up both sides of Abbott Run, partly from high above.

I agree that there is not much to this trail. Just a long uphill to a dead end at a graveyard. But I gave it four stars because the little waterfall is beautiful and the trail is nice.