3 months ago

Mostly widely trod trails paralleling the creek at different levels. Yellow blazed trail easy to access from either foot bridge side (cross bridge, up road, entrance on right halfway up guard rail on left) or campgrounds off macafferty rd (follow campground road to last loop/ trailhead). Amazing High Rock vistas; especially in fall.

Gravel walking and biking trail running along the Delaware River on the New Jersey side.
Easy walk with nice views of the river minimal wildlife.

The trail was a little hard to figure out. We used http://gonehikin.blogspot.com/2012/01/tohickon-valley-pa-ralph-stover-state.html?m=1 to figure out how to get to the trail and which one went where. After understanding all trails basically went the same way, we were fine. Overall it was a decent hike. Easy to moderate. We followed mostly the yellow trail and red in white trail to the campgrounds and then back. Some of the gate views were nice. Nothing was exceptional. It was a nice hike for the area.

4 years ago

Offering a variety of easy to challenging adventures, Tohickon Valley Park is at the top of our families' favorites list. We typically enter from the north side of the park (near the swimming pool) and take the trail along the river, hop over to the other side and hike down the other side of the river. The water is clear and cool but not too cool for some barefoot wading. With plenty of trails winding around Tohickon has the ability to offer many adventures depending on how far you want to go and how challenging you want it to be. During our visits we have also seen mountain bikers and rock climbers (two activities we don't currently enjoy due to the little ones...maybe someday!)

Four stars for the amount of broken glass in certain areas of the trails. Going to try and remember to bring along some rubber gloves and extra garbage bags next time we go to pick some of this up. With three of our troop of five wearing minimalist shoes, glass is a big bad for us.

We entered the park from the High Rock vista and the hike was a nice hike, but we arrived at a bunch of campgrounds that had rotting picnic tables and the restrooms were gross with no water or hand sanitiser. We didn't stick around long to explore more of this park because we wanted to head to Ralph Stover where we knew it was a nicer area.

4 years ago

I love going over the weekends just to sit by the river! For a fairly casual hiker like me, it offers some decent challenges, with lots of mountains and some rocky spots along the trail.

whitewater kayaking
5 years ago

Also offers a whitewater release twice a year offering quality class II-III boating

rock climbing
5 years ago

Fun climbing and mntn biking.