The fall was more of a dribble, still pretty though. The hike out was ok and a little rougher than I was led to believe. Saw 2 other couples on our walk.

1 month ago

This is a nice, quick hike. It's a pretty easy trail. The waterfall is a bit underwhelming if there hasn't been much rain, but the scenery is beautiful. If you go, take bug spray - the mosquitoes are horrible! I've never run into many people on this trail, it's one of the best kept secrets. Also, the trail usually ends up being about 3.75 miles for me out and back.

2 months ago

A nice quick hike and not too "peopley" this time of year. It has been a dry summer, so nothing much fall wise, but may return in the spring to see the waterfall.

3 months ago

We recently visited this trail for the first time today, nice dedicated parking area. The trail was fairly simple, beautiful place for an afternoon adventure. Due to our drought the falls this season weren't as great as if we would've had rainfall. I'd definitely go again, takes about 3 hours hiking slow.

3 months ago

Nice walk good clear trails I wouldn't take the little ones on this if you take the family out

Fall was dried up due to the lack of rain. It was still a great hike and worth the visit.

Quick, but amazing scenery!!!

The trail itself was very clearly marked, followed a nice crick some of the way, and the waterfall was worth the short hike. I enjoyed exploring the top of the falls as well :)

6 months ago

Trail head is easy to find out Wallis Run Rd. Pretty easy hike with lots of great scenery.

good trail enjoyable

7 months ago

Very nice trail! Loved the falls

Nice trail with a beautiful ending especially if water is flowing over the falls or during the winter months and the falls are frozen. When I don't have much time and want to get a short trail run in I come here. 3.3 miles and can be run in 30 min or less.

great trail

8 months ago

Great trail. Easy to follow

10 months ago

Great day hike. The best time to go is late winter early spring to really enjoy the frozen ice over the falls.

on Jacoby Hollow

11 months ago

1 year ago

Took me an actual hour or so to actually Find the trail as the GPS made me turn right off Wallis Run Road and go down Butternut something road. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! Stay on Wallis Run and the trailhead will be on your right.

Other than that great trail for my first hike in years! I did turn back a bit early because it started to rain, but I liked the walk. Nice and shady, but as other reviews say, don't forget your insect repellant.