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This section was rocky like all the sections I've done on the A.T. However there were some pretty cool things to see along the way. Hertlein campsite and the old reservoir were very inviting, however we wanted to stay the night at 501 shelter, which was pretty awesome. A quick walk across 501 heading south leads to an awesome lookout to watch the sun go down. Even saw a timber rattlesnake!!

Beautiful scenery - wear sturdy shoes the further into the trail you get the more rocks there are!

I did stay two nights here which allowed me an entire Saturday to really explore a little off trail and take in the scenery. theres a lot of camping space big enough for a group or three! I made camp at two locations and passed a flask of rum on Saturday night with a thru hiker who was very glad I had a source to charge his phone and food for his trip as he was rationing before his restock point in 3 days. as always wear appropriate footwear and be on the lookout for wildlife.

2 months ago

this was a fun section of the AT. Met some great people and saw some wonderful views. no need to stock up on water as there is a reservoir just a few miles in. I took my time at the Boulder field and also the lookouts especially the first Vista which has a sweet natural bench. there I stayed for 30 min out and again on my way back. and the boulder field was a lot of fun for free running just be aware of snakes. I saw a few little ones but deep in the rocks. I consider myself a bit of a trail Angel so my pack is always heavy with extra snacks batteries and perishables. other than the heavy pack a very easy hike all around.

It's really not a hike to the overlook. Like another hiker mentioned,it's about a two minute hike from the road to the beautiful scenery. Great spot to just relax and enjoy the view.

LOVED IT! Great short hike and a beautiful scenery at the end.
Some rocks on the way,but nothing to big. Good for all hiking levels.

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4 months ago

rocky in the beginning, but then it flattens out to allow for mostly running. very nice and clean.

4 months ago

A great trail for beginners

Nice. convenient.

we took this trail to the reservoir, which was 5 miles from 183. so 10 miles total, the setting at the reservoir was beautiful though. there are also several great spots to camp along the trail.

Beautiful view. Very serene. Met a guy walking the trail. He is walking from Georgia to main to celebrate his retirement. You. Go. Dude. Very nice hiking trail.

Hmm never heard it called Kimmel View or Fisher Lookout before. Locals call it White Rock of the 501 lookout. Great spot to check out ! You can meet all types of hikers at this location all year round! Right off the road about 2 minutes. One of my favorite meditation spots before or after work.

To the northeast is great to walk! But to the southwest is just awful. There is one lookout next to an abandoned power line. This is not a very interesting part of the AT and it grows very thick with shrubbery in the middle of the summer. You can't see where you are walking.

This is a great trail to do, just to get out, and hey if you into the overnight camping. It is also great for that too. There are campsites all along the trail.

trail running
4 years ago

I hiked this last year. My family owns a restaurant about 5 minutes from here so i often leave my bike along the ending of this trail and then park my car at the top. Then I hike for a few hours and get to my bike and ride to work. I love it! Best way to start the work day on top of these great over looks of the valley.

Hiked this last year. I believe this point to point refers to starting at Rt183 and going through to Port Clinton. That is the easiest way. Going from Port Clinton you have a 1000 foot climb right at the start, very sharp grade. I made it in about 4.5 hours. There is only one steep climb if going northbound, about three hundred feet. Believe it or not I got a little lost at first becuse I couldn't find white blazes near the beginning where the trail seems to intersect a dirt road. Lost time looking for the trail. Will do it again next spring. Be careful coming down into Port Clinton if it is wet. It is steep. A thunderstorm blew in just as I was ready to descend and made the trip very slick. Most of the day was great - sunny. Watch for copperheads along the sides of any roads. Saw a few.