28 days ago

Trail was extremely easy and more towards the boring side, completed in no time. I took my 2 shepherds with me, the trail was tiny and rocky at times, common for PA but terrible for taking 2 huge dogs and they were covered in ticks when we left. The trail is marked, but not incredibly well, but it's also hard to miss where you're going. I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back.

great trail but can get confusing on the loop . not for beginners! terrain is unstable and large portions are uphill. scenic and cool hidden treasures along the way. wear bug spray for ticks and mosquitoes! recommended age 8 and up!

Not trail for beginners:(

First 2 legs were great but the last leg along power lines not maintained got confusing and over grown found a deer path half way down and finished through the woods. Got a little frustrating considering I had my daughter along. We were loving the trail until that point. So beware once you get to that point. In hind sight we should of doubled back at third leg but didn't know what we were getting into at that point.... Good luck!

Over half of this "trail" is dirt road. It opens up with a pretty significant climb up a logging road to Horseshoe Trail. Horseshoe trail eventually turns into an actual trail. Since we went left the trail was relatively steep and rocky. This trail should definitely be considered moderate as opposed to easy because first time hikers are going to find this terrain difficult at best.

We were very disappointed. Because much of the trail is attached to logging efforts, there was little to no wildlife. We heard one wood pecker, saw one squirrel and two blue birds. We will never return to this trail and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Nice hike along the creek. Cool old cabin foundation along the way with a old spring house. Very dog friendly.

1 year ago

Good trail, light elevation climb. Good exercise. Things to see along the trail.

I did a loop of Middle Creek Trail to Elder's Run to Horse-shoe trail, 3.75 miles total. Good hike, couple of steeper rocky parts but mostly easy. Nice views of the creek and woods. Would definitely do this again.

Nice trail for the first two legs but it gets confusing when you have to find the last part of the trail. My girlfriend and I are not the most experienced hikers and we ended up taking the wrong way.

I walked from dam head to the end of middle creek trail. from there look left and take the narrow unmarked trail. it eventually loops back to laural road. nice 4 Mile hike .

Great day hike. Good for all levels. Some trails are steep with many switchbacks and some are flat and very easy for beginners. Too hot? Then stop at the museum and cool off while listening to a great presentation by one of the volunteers. Lots of wildlife to be seen, great place to photographs many species of birds.

Good trail for a lazy Sunday walk.

The scenery is beautiful. Very nice indoor welcome/information center. I wish the trails were connected or at least marked better so that we could find more without getting back in the car and driving until we found another one.

Went to see the snow geese. Very beautiful

The first two legs of the trail were pretty great, but when we had to intersect with different trails, it was confusing to find out which way to go. Caution to beginners--- not very well marked at all. We came out of one trail along the powerlines, and had to bushwhack Pennsylvania's very tall and very thorny wildlife to find an overgrown trail for about a mile.

Fun easy trail. Nice view at top. Well marked.