A little long and boring at the beginning, when you walk the open road, especially on a windy winter's day. I guess that was because we had to park at the first gate by the county road. Definitely watch the map because it is not very well marked! Rewarding when you reach your destination! The view is spectacular and there are many spots to take a look at what's down below.

Awesome view, especially with the snow! Worth the hike. Definitely park in 2nd lot, if gate is open.

We parked at the furthest lot. And went in from the rear of parking lot and somehow did a 5 mile loop.. finally finding to right trail and getting out to road. If that was the listed hike then yes it would be easy! And we were kind of glad we made up our own. Lots of unmarked paths. View was great once we got there. I would hike his again.. the same way we did today and make it a loop. Also thought that if you park at the very first gate.. it would be a great place to cross country ski. Good luck finding the correct trail. Thank god for google maps.

Easy and peaceful trail! Agree that it is a bit difficult to find (thank you to previous reviewers for your tips!). I posted a photo of the trailhead in the hopes that it helps future hikers. Look for the black spot on the tree and turn right. Happy hiking!

The view is absolutely stunning. I would suggest parking at the second lot if the gate is open to do so. It's a very boring walk up to the trail head. Once on the trail it's a short walk to the lookout. Very easy. If you are looking to get your heart rate up and challenge yourself a little bit this isn't the trail for you. However, with that said, it's absolutely worth checking out if you're in the area. It's really quick and gorgeous up there.

The trail in was very easy and brief. If you're looking for a challenging hike-this would not be for you. The view however is stunning. Very quiet. Very peaceful.

One of the best hikes around! Little effort, huge reward. It is a little difficult to find the trailhead. You'll walk past the second gate, 0.3 miles down a small hill and you will see a clearing for a trail on the left and the right. Take the trail to the right. A "no ATV" sign is posted on both trails as a marker. Happy hiking!

Awesome trail that is very hard to find
. You actually need to drive into the game lands to locate but once there it's awesome. Used my drone to take good shots as well.

The view at the outcropping was amazing. Nice view of the Lehigh river gorge. The path there was nice and level, could've managed in sneakers. Finding the trailhead was difficult. The road to the trailhead is not paved and is gravel, I'd be hesitant with any kind of low riding vehicle.