It was chill, not very difficult or should even be considered moderate. Very easy but good views.

This place is very well maintained and has a few nice lookouts . The trails themselves are somewhat moderate. The skyline trail is nice and the river of rocks is quite interesting , solid hike, nothing too crazy but very pretty especially with some snow on the ground .

Good hiking, good views. Lots of wildlife. Definitely worth seeing

This place is awesome. There is a small fee to gain entrance to the trails. Trails are well kept and easy to follow. This trail there is an alternate route you can choose to take to scramble up boulders to the top. Very fun!

You can see the same views for free on the Appalachian trail.

This was a nice day hike. I've done it in both directions of the loop now and definitely see the benefit of ending the trail at the north lookout. It's just easier up those rocks than down! it didn't take long and the view is lovely. it's the end of October and I didn't see a single Hawk or eagle...probably should've come sooner in the season!

Loved it here. Hiking boots or shoes should be worn. You do have to pay but I was ok with that. It was $9. There was a lot of people but the majority stayed on the main paths. I was there for several hours exploring. The light blue trail does require climbing on boulders. Views are spectacular. Great pics.

3 months ago

I loved it here. It was definitely an all day thing I should have brought a sandwich. You do have to pay but I don't mind. They say this mountain is one of the most haunted places in pennsylvania. However I doubt at 1pm on a Sunday with masses of people anything would happen. The views are spectacular. Hiking boots or shoes should be worn. I had a great time. The light blue trail is better to go up then down. It does require climbing on boulders and rocks.

Great hiking trails and some incredible views. The trails are VERY rocky. I walked up to the south lookout then took the river of rocks trail to Golden Eagle (which is very steep) to the skyline trail. Skyline was really fun! It wasn't to strenuous but you do a bit of rock climbing if you take your time you'll have a great time. They say between 3 - 4 hrs, if you have any experience and are in reasonable shape, it shouldn't take you anymore than 3, unless you stop and take in some of the views.

AP Trail - Port Clinton To Highway 309. 2 miles in (50 min walk) , decent place to set up camp and have fire. Same with 3 miles ( 1 hr 11 min walk) in marker. People been there already amd prepped.