Great hiking trails and some incredible views. The trails are VERY rocky. I walked up to the south lookout then took the river of rocks trail to Golden Eagle (which is very steep) to the skyline trail. Skyline was really fun! It wasn't to strenuous but you do a bit of rock climbing if you take your time you'll have a great time. They say between 3 - 4 hrs, if you have any experience and are in reasonable shape, it shouldn't take you anymore than 3, unless you stop and take in some of the views.

AP Trail - Port Clinton To Highway 309. 2 miles in (50 min walk) , decent place to set up camp and have fire. Same with 3 miles ( 1 hr 11 min walk) in marker. People been there already amd prepped.

I hiked the loop river of rocks (red) golden eagle (yellow) and skyline trail (blue) back to visitor center. The terrain makes this trail a bit of a challenge as you have to watch the Boulder hopping and keep and eye out for the blazes. The climb up golden eagle is pretty decent but flushed 3 doe and stopped to watch. Nice to have a justified rest. There's are a couple scrambles to consider based on comfort level with hiking.

My husband and I love coming here! Lots of signs and the land is well kept for a smooth hike but maintaining natures beauty! Lots of different look out options! Going down to the river of rocks was definitely more challenging but you're able to see great views on different trails without having to do that.

Perfect day! Great views! Nice training grounds for bigger adventure.

Definitely get there at sunrise for great view and pics at park entrance. Very challenging - awesome views. Would make sure you know the general terrain of each trail prior to setting out. Trails are very long with technical challenges and very few respites. Ok if you are an experienced hiker but be weary if taking along beginners - would stick to lookout for novices and plan for shorter hikes on harder trails. We did 7.9 miles (lookout-->river of rocks-->eagle-->skyline-->lookout). This was my girl friend's third hike ever (she had only started hiking a few days ago). Almost ended in a breakup, but she powered through like a champ.

A nice trail, well marked and fun for families. Some spots a little rocky, but not difficult. An enjoyable day for all.

Very hard trail but the views are amazing! Can't wait to go back!

2 months ago

This place is awesome. You can make it easy or hard and either way I do not think you will be disappointed. Check out my full write up along with some things to look out for.

Skyline is the difficult trail. Lot's of weeds(jungle like) to go through. Lot's of boulder climbing at the hawk sight. Totally worth it!

Fun trail. Saw baby and momma bear which was unexpected but pretty cool.

It's difficult because of steep rocks you have to strategically climb down, but the challenge makes it fun. Make sure you wear shoes with grip! This trail is a must if you are visiting Hawk Mountain.