was really a great hike! took us 3 hours n we took 2 extra side trails beside choke trail. follow the orange then yellow markers for the nature trail NOT Butler trail. lots of cool beaver dams n beautiful stream scenery. trail is flood out in some places due to dams. easy to reroute n find trail again. for a novice walking stick is a good idea leaves covered rocks roots n branches

10 days ago

This is a really nice trail. Not much elevation gain or sweeping views but the diversity in terrain and scenery is great. You walk through a mountain laurel jungle and exit into spruce and hemlock along a stream. There is a lot of beaver activity and plenty of places to stop and enjoy lunch or some quiet time. The second half is a less interesting hardwood forest along the state boundary with a sportsman club. It ends with a 1.5 mile walk along a large grass road and Tannery Rd. Here is the PROBLEM, the trail appears to be well marked as you follow the orange blazes. The thing is, the orange blazes do not mark the Choke Creek trail, they mark the Pinchot Trail of which Choke Creek is a part of. There is no where that this is indicated; no info at the trailheard and no signage along the way. Just before about 4 miles there is a junction the indicates Nature Trail or Butler Trail. What happened to Choke or Pinchot? Butler continues with the orange blazes and is well maintained. Nature Trail is not initially marked and appears small and not well traveled. Even though Butler appears to be the correct trail to stay on the loop - IT IS NOT. Take the nature trail. It is about .5 miles long and brings you out onto the large grass road. The trail is marked yellow.

1 month ago

Easy trail. The south trail is well used and I picked up a good amount of overnight camp site trash. Leave no trace? Please respect the trails!

Fun for a solo or small group hike. 26.4 on my gps.