Love this trail at least do it once a month beautiful scenery.

28 days ago

Enjoyable narrow ranged switchbacks and mountain terrain

Very fair hike up with a great atmosphere and view up top.

Started at the Robert Rodale Gateway trail at the parking lot on Klines Rd and then picked up the orange trail. It had just rained the past two days so the trail was muddy/wet which made some of the rocks/wooden structures a bit slippery. The trail is designed for mountain bikes but I had no issues hiking it with my two dogs. Overall great little hike and I look forward to going back to explore some of the other trails that branch off of it.

My fiance lives in Emmaus and when I visit I really enjoy hiking this trail. Fine to do in shorts and sneakers. Really a nice peaceful walk

I love this section of the trail. I will probably spend a few days there again next season. Beautiful scenery and not too rocky, beyond the scramble... compared to other parts of PA

on the way up its pretty steep and rough. but the view from the top is pretty. wished i could of went further out but saw some hunters so i turned around

Great trail if you're looking for a challenging day hike. Straight up hill rock scramble for first mile in.

trail running
3 months ago

very nice trail on a cool crisp morning