on the way up its pretty steep and rough. but the view from the top is pretty. wished i could of went further out but saw some hunters so i turned around

Great trail if you're looking for a challenging day hike. Straight up hill rock scramble for first mile in.

very nice trail on a cool crisp morning

I work two jobs and have a 3 1/2 hour break between jobs. so I look for someway to take time. thought I would try this trail it's peaceful if you like solitude it's excellent. the highlight of this trail I think is the boulder outcrop.

Beautiful and a nice climb!

Great trail, there is multiple loops to choose from. Cool switchbacks up and down the mountain. Trails are easily marked and exciting. Enter from Alpine street, there will be a small park on the left to park at.

If you do the AT, north loop and south loop, you experience 3 different terrains. The south loop has rock scrambles while the north offers open grassy fields and views of the Lehigh River. The AT is covered by forest. The utilization of the AT and loops can determine how much time or how strenuous you want your experience to be.

First time on this trail. The trail as it appears on the map does include the Red, then Light Blue, and a little bit of Orange, then back to Red trails. A bit confusing if you have never been on this trail system.
I would advise wearing good sturdy shoes like hiking boots because of the mixed terrains of rocks, roots, and boulders.
This was a fun trail system with many options so your hike could be as long or short, easy or hard as you want to make it.

lots of varied terrain. cool spring to splash your feet in as well. neat boulders to explore. close to home.

It was fantastic..enjoyed the day .,could of used a little more shade walking but it was a fantastic day !

North trail made the trip, also heard South trail was great but was disappointed by the rock scramble you get to if you follow the white trail past the AT dirt road

This was a really nice and surprising hike. Loved it!

Really nice hike, close to the Highway making it very convenient.

mountain biking
3 months ago

I did the loop at the top. I went to boulder look out and then headed down north trail to the cut across at the road. that portion consisted of beautiful views and smooth path. On the south side back large areas of ferns and wooded. Had many different landscapes for a short day hike. The climb was strenuous, the outlook by devils loop was very rocky but worth the climb up the boulders. The rest of the hike was easy, My 11 year old daughter went with me and also loved it.

it was a well blazed trail. I took my puppy along he did very well also. I started on the orange trail then switched to the green trail. we ended up coming out at another part of the park, a couple of blocks away from where we stated. I liked it will be going back again.