4 months ago

Beautiful area!

First off, despite the description in the overview, this trail is not exactly near Centre Hall. It's located about 20 miles east of Centre Hall, about 4.5 miles from Troxelville, PA, in Snyders-Middelsworth State Park. The loop trail actually consists of portions of three trails. Trailhead is in the "upper" picnic area in the park. Starting from that trailhead, you first move west along the Swift Run Trail about 1.25 miles. All of these trails are well maintained (except for the big trees that have fallen) and well-marked. You then turn south on Tower Trail and climb Thick Mountain for about 0.25 miles to the former site of a fire tower. At the top of Thick Mountain, you turn east and travel about a mile along Thick Mountain Trail. This actually brings you out on Swift Run Road southwest of the trailhead.