Super easy for beginners but the blazes were either non existent or difficult to find. There are four trails on this location so it can be confusing if you're not familiar with this area. The waterfall was nice and there's a bench to rest at.

Pretty easy hike and a pleasant get away from the city. Some great playgrounds and picnic areas around for those who like duh things.

Great trail. Gets a little confusing with no blazes down in the valley, but look around enough you can find where your going. Ill be back to do the other trails in the area

Great trail, with plenty of canopy coverage. It's hard to believe you're just 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. I took the green trail with a few little detours that added up to 2.9mi. The waterfall is small, but a nice place to cool off.

There are some places where the blazes are confusing, but the journey is fun.

Fun hike. Easy for the kids. Path was not very clearly marked at points but we made it and had fun!

The trails were moderately difficult and it's so worth it to see the waterfall but it is so poorly labeled for directions it makes it almost not worth it. Don't even bother going to the park office for the map because the map doesn't even have half of the pavilions and trails labeled. Very confusing!

trail running
5 months ago

A little confusing but overall it's worth a visit.

Took this trail for the first time with my dog and we both loved it. The waterfall was beautiful and my dog loved the water. We'll be back

Trail was ok. Markings were a little confusing but still were able to find our way without too much trouble. We went after it was dry for several days and there were still muddy areas but very passable. I could see after a rain it could be very muddy.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

cross country skiing
1 year ago

We got very lost. The trail was poorly marked in places and is not well maintained. Next time I would try the blue trail longer but better for walking

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Very humid, but peaceful. Kind of frightening due to being alone.

Nice trail, easy to moderate. Overlaps with 2 other trails (blue and purple). Green is the most scenic but also has the most drops and rises in elevation. If you decide to take this loop in the spring prepare your feet for mud and water.

Trail seems to be part of another loop trail or something. Relaxing hike not much for views.