5 stars as an easy and safe way to bike/walk commute downtown. But I wouldn't recommend coming here specifically to see the trail. Paved, not very interesting.

road biking
6 months ago

Perfect bike riding trail!

trail running
3 years ago

Really enjoyed this trail. There are many interconnecting trails it was hard to keep track, so I just ran wherever I felt. The park is so small that it doesn't really matter. I would get off the main trail and explore. From out of town and will come back. I liked it better than Frick Park.

4 years ago

We went today and have a few suggestions. Great place to bike, flat running, walking. It's not hiking all paths are concrete.

5 years ago

I guess if you are stuck living in the city then this is a good place to exercise. It's all paved and easy to bike, run or walk. Roller bladed it years ago. I found it to be a highly stressful place though. A good portion of it runs right along rt 376 or Baum Blvd (or something? I don't know the names of all those roads near the city) It was interesting to end up at the Allegheny County Jail on 1st or 2nd ave. We actually saw some faces looking out at us from the tiny windows -- we waved...

5 years ago

There are a series of interconnecting trails that allow one to extend the length of their hike. There are some pretty views. There are upper and lower trails, with a stream running in the middle of the bottom loop, creating a small ravine-like setting. There is also a connected trail that loops around a small lake. There a few frustrating elements for hikers. For instance, you have to pay a couple of bucks for a park map, which strikes me as a rip off. Also, you buy the maps at the so-called welcome and visitor center -- which is actually little more than a cafe and is closed for most of the weekend, which is when the park is most used. There are a lot of other facilities at the park so that you can get in more than one activity. The park is pretty familly-oriented, with features like playgrounds and a seasonal ice skating rink.