River was completely dry. Rocks really rang with different sounds depending on which rock you hit. Pretty cool place!

Updated 8/27/2016: We have been to this park quite a few times and today was our first trip back in 4 years. The boulder field is still an interesting stop for all ages.

To make the hike to the waterfall area more interesting ( best when creek is dried out) we'd recommend going all the way through to the end of the Boulder field and then take the trail toward the right. The terrain will start to get more rocky and begin to slope downhill toward the dry creek bed. If the area is dried up you can sit and enjoy a snack on the boulders or if you are able, climb the terrace walls to the right. From there you can take the dry creek through one or two more sections of terraced climbing all the way to the base of the waterfall area.

Climb up the right side of the waterfall back onto the trail. You will loop back around to where you started without having to go back through the Boulder field.
As an alternate option, after climbing back up the falls head left to continue up the creek bed for some nice views from the top of the falls. Then Continue for a short while longer up the creek bed and you will find an area to your left where visitors have created several leantus out of fallen branches.

A nice, short hike with some interesting views along the way. If you don't stop for too many photos ( like we did ) you could easily get this suggested loop done in less than 1 hour .

3 months ago

One of the best parts of the trail is getting to the stream and waterfall. However, it is not easily marked. Also, not too bad of a trail of you are in your 20's, I'm 35 and it was harder than I remembered. Felt bad that my 7 year old really had to struggle. If you plan on scrambling rocks, bring some firm grip gloves, and the best non slip shoes you can. In the shaded areas under the trees the rocks are slippery.

5 months ago

Fun! The trail is short, yes, but it was still a nice walk / hike. :)

on Ringing Rocks Ramble

7 months ago

7 months ago

Really a nice short hike. The rocks were interesting and fun for scrambling. Keep going through to the waterfall which is very pretty and good to explore.

8 months ago

11 months ago

This as a great way to spend the afternoon outside with the kids and the dog. Rock hoping is always fun and the hunt for ringing rocks added to the excitement. Everyone enjoyed eating a snack by the falls.

I did find a tic on the dog but none on me or the kids.

It was nice to walk through make sure you bring a hammer and take your time and enjoy yourself.

1 year ago

Interesting but too short

1 year ago

Enjoyed falls and field of ringing rock, some rang quite nicely. I do not understand biking listed, unless you're into very extreme. Some sections we really enjoyed, but we're glad we didn't bring bikes (dog that loved the day instead). Definitely going to return in spring when falls aren't frozen.

3 years ago

The park is a bit far from the city but that's a good thing for most. I came here early on a spring morning to take long exposure photographs of the falls and found nobody here--I had the place to myself until about 11:30am. The trail is easy and it only takes about five minutes of brisk walking to get to the falls. The falls itself had some interesting features and actually has two parts. There's a lot of debris at the base of the main falls which might prevent getting a good wide angle shot. It's very rocky and a little slippery as well (icy in the spring), so be careful when exploring around the falls. Photographers will be entertained for hours, and will wang to come back again.

4 years ago

We visited Ringing Rocks Ramble with great anticipation of the waterfall which was quite unfortunately dry. While the dry river bed and waterfall precipice were impressive if you're looking for a running waterfall visit after a recent rainfall. Despite this we really enjoyed the "ringing rocks", an impressively rocky area where you can hit rocks with hammers (bring your own!) or a handy rock to create unique ringing sounds. The trails are fairly mild; however, there are opportunities for more strenuous hikes down to the bottom of the falls.

One star off as the trails are not marked to indicate how to reach the falls and on some of the more difficult trails they seems to disappear completely. Also, we went mid-afternoon on a Saturday and it was fairly busy. The trails weren't packed but you never lost sight of other people so if quiet enjoyment is your goal this might not be the hike for you.

Ringing Rocks is the extended version of my grandparents' backyard off Ringing Rock Road in Upper Black Eddy, PA. The falls lends itself to some fantastic photographs and a moderate hike pending on your route downward. I've spotted Osprey flying overhead and numerous deer around the trails and falls.