About 3,000 acres in size, Promised Land State Park is on the Pocono Plateau, 1,800 feet above sea level, and is surrounded by 12,464 acres of Pennsylvanias Delaware State Forest, including natural areas. The forests of the park consist primarily of beech, oak, maple and hemlock trees. Two lakes and several small streams add to the parks outstanding scenic beauty.

1 month ago

This was a nice trail to complete; moderately/easy hike. I had no complaints about the trail maintenance and the stream (little falls) is pretty. It was not heavily trafficked which is what I prefer.

Nice trails for brisk hike and lake view.

Leisurely walk, with nice views in the fall.

Great trail! Loaded with ripe blueberries and black bear! Came across two mothers with their cubs in separate occurrences. Gets your adrenalin pumping for sure. A great mix of about 6' wide trails and then lots of thicket. Highly recommended.

Nice, relaxing walk. Kids and dog friendly trail.

Perfect quick hike if you have small children. Lush with ferns and giant rhododendrons. Flat terrain.

Did Bruce lake trail to West Branch Bruce trail back to parking... 7.25 miles. Trail starts out wide and then narrows to a deer path. Good hike! Warning: wear long pants the path is overgrown and narrow!

Nice easy wide well maintained trail for hiking.

Great afternoon walk

Nice place. Will get back there in the spring/summer time . For those who afraid to get wet their feet - on the north part of the Egypt Meadow Lake - no bridge, and you have to walk across the stream. In summertime it must be fun.

8.2 miles beautiful hike some parts by the lake could be muddy especially after rain

Awesome trail on a fall day

I did an 8.8 mile loop of the park taking the Rock Oak Ridge, Telephone, Bruce Lake, and Big Inlet trails. These trails offered a great variety and good views of the lake from many points. The trails around the lake were the easiest and very well marked. As my path took me into the Bruce Lake natural area, the trails sometimes were no more than deer trails.

A nice quick hike very easy to do. Very scenic. In season, it is full of blackberries & huckleberries. In winter, have done a snowshoe hike with some beginners. Plenty of benches around the loop to sit with hot cocoa & enjoy the scenery.

Enjoyed this beautiful trail a few times since it's close to home. I always bring my hiking staff since I've had to move a snake or two off the trail & measure depth before crossing after a big rain storm. Always a fun trail

This a very easy hike for the most part but along the backside of the lake there was a lot of mud and water the day we were there. Also there is a lot of blueberry bushes. All in all this would be a great beginner trail no real elevation gain.

I accessed the Bruce Lake Trail from a parking lot just north of Promised Land State Park.The trail is about 2.5 miles and passes through aforestofRhododendron,Mountain Laurel (PA. State Flower)Hemlock,Oak,Beech,and Witch-Hazel.There are two bodies of water,being Egypt Meadow Lake (man-made),then Bruce Lake (glacial).It was a warm day,typical of Autumn Summer so I sat for a while on the bridge at the E.M.L.'s dam breast,basking in the sun.No hurry,no worries.For those camping at Promised Land,
you can also access Bruce Lake,but the hike is like 9.5 miles.You may fish at the lakes,
but you may not camp there.

4 years ago

Excellent hike in a park laden with many trails for all variety of hikers, here you can basically do as much or as little as you want and you;ll still see some great sights. A note of caution, plan ahead which trails you want to hike, you can quite easily wander off one trail and onto another much longer trail. All in all good fun.