Needles and bluntvilles at penny pack. Not cool

mountain biking
1 year ago

Went mountain biking.
Very nice trails but not so well maintained.
Some of them lead to dead end.
If you go there make sure to prepare map of the trails otherwise you will get lost and end up on asphalt trails ( boooring )

I would give it a better review, but it is overly crowded on the weekends. Visit during the weekday to enjoy the park and trails.

Had a chance this past Saturday to get out with the dog. Decided to travel the Pennypack Trail, form the new extension in Huntington Valley down to the Delaware River. Nice 13-mile walk. The "extension" section is an old rail-bed. Gets a little "dirty" as you get to the end in Philly - but still a pleasant day overall.

Nestled in between society on either side. This very scenic creek has trails running on either side of it. There is a paved trail that criss crosses over the creek at various bridges. You will find runners and many walkers on it. All year round. You can, however, easily hike in unpaved areas as well. And get down along the creek bed too. Good for an afternoon hike or an entire day if you want to go the longest route.