I walked the full circuit of Lake Galena just yesterday, which was a beautiful fall day. Being a Wednesday morning, and very warm, it was a quiet, peaceful, & enjoyable walk. Highly recommended to all, if you have the opportunity to take it in.

Great little trails that were not paved. Some of the trails were more well maintained that others, but all were clearly marked. Took a map of the trails with me that is accessible through the Lake Galena website. We even saw a few deers along these trails.
Took the family and we all had a blast.

Walked the full loop. Was a bunch of fun. Took out the family.

Easy trail with much paving.

Really nice routeZ just a little over grown in some areas. Will def do again!

Very easy loop.

Always an easy visit for us whenever we have a free weekend. Nice photo-ops in every season. The trail area near the kayak/boat rentals, the dam, sailors point and the nature center bridge tend to get a lot of traffic (pedestrian/bikes). The remaining 3 miles or so is much more peaceful and mostly shaded. That section also has two areas of 8% grade. There is also a bird habitat area and nature trails near the Chapman Road/ Nature Center parking area. A blue heron was hanging out there last weekend around sunset. Kayaking, sailing, row boats, paddle boats and paddle boards are other activities you will see on the water here. You can rent by half hour/ hour/ day or bring your own.

Very clean, easy, trail. Kid and pet friendly. Plus, they even have a bunch of grills and picnic tables all around the lake for public use. I've only given 3 stars because the trail is a little boring as far as sights go BUT the park as a whole deserves a 5/5. I am there with my family about 4 times a month.

Lovely walk yesterday, got a little too busy, but then it was the first day for weeks that the sun came out!

Grew up hikin this often

I've done this loop 4 or 5 times this year and have found it to be closer to 6 miles than 7. I like that you can get off the paved trail on the side of the lake opposite the main park entrance and the trail through the woods is pretty well marked with stakes and ribbons where it's not obvious from the foot/bike traffic.

The trail is pretty and the birding is good. A bit easy.

Great walk on a paved path.
Can be really crowded on nice days.

Fun trail, nice ride on a hybrid.

1 year ago

This is great place for kayaking!