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Located at the southern reaches of the Laurel Ridge, Ohiopyle State Park encompasses approximately 20,500 acres of rugged natural beauty and serves as the gateway to the Laurel Highlands. Close to major metropolitan areas and offering vast choices of activities, Ohiopyle State Park attracts millions of visitors annually. Passing through the heart of the park, the rushing waters of the Youghiogheny [yaw-ki-gay-nee] River Gorge are the centerpiece for Ohiopyle. The Yough [yawk] provides some of the best whitewater boating in the eastern United States, as well as spectacular scenery. Ohiopyle is the southern gateway into the Laurel Highlands and it represents the beautiful natural resources and unique sense of community that visitors can find throughout the region. Ohiopyle State Park is part of the protection and advocacy for this region by participating in the Laurel Highlands Conservation Landscape Initiative (CLI). This group is a partnership with landowners, community members, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders to protect the natural resources and bring community revitalization.

7 days ago

Gorgeous! Leave the path and find the water. This trail will not disappoint!

Great trail with some awesome views! Followed the black loop and was not disappointed. There was one huge down tree I had to go around but besides that the trail was great! If you are following the black loop counter clockwise when you come to the road cross and go to your right about 50 feet to pick the trail back up again.

I may be biased but it's because I love Ohiopyle in general... This is a great trail to circle the peninsula by the falls. You can hear the rush of the river rapids on one side and feel the cool forest breeze coming down off the hill on the other side.
At several points you can go down to the river's edge and put your feet in as you watch panicked first-time rafters go screaming by~

Only went to first overlook a little over two miles in. Had toddler on my back and even with the areas of steep climbs was doable. Hard enough to feel accomplished once completed. Recommend and want to do a larger portion later.

We were only able to hike a portion of the trail due to a time constraint. It is such a beautiful area, and I would love to return one day to complete it. We also visited Fallingwater...truly a special place. I hope we get to visit it again someday too!

Not a hard trail, but not the most exciting.

Thumbs up!

This is a section of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, from mile 0 to mile 6.3. It is very challenging, and one of my favorite regional hikes. The miles are marked by lovely cement markers with yellow numbers. There is a great overlook around 2.3, and to the left of the trail around mile 7.7. The most challenging uphill of this section is from mile 6 to 7.

Great trip! The side trails down to the waterfalls were great views! A little muddy, but it just rained so it's expected

3 months ago

We backpacked out to the shelter area and stayed for the night. This ended up being one of the toughest hikes I've done in PA. We did it in June and the temperature was in the upper 80's. The first day was really difficult and was mostly uphill the entire time. It really took a lot out of the group. The constant sound and flying of cicadas probably didn't help either.

3 months ago

The amount of scenic falls along this trail completely blew me away. I spent more time admiring the falls than I did hiking.

Section of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago