Nice short hike. We were so full of Thanksgiving diner that it was almost long enough.

There were a lot of hikers trying to burn off Thanksgiving dinner. It was still a nice hike.

Nice little trail. It needs to be longer.

Almost sure we did it wrong, but we got back to the car okay.

Challenging. lots of fun!

At times it was confusing to follow the trail, but not terrible. At points the trail provided for a more secluded feeling but still fairly close to roads and other places in the park. Not bad for a short hike

Nice trail but really poorly blazed - we couldn't even finish the loop because it got confusing 2/3 in and we turned around.

4 months ago

Took our 4 and 7 year old boys. Easy enjoyable hike for them. Agree markers could be better. Really beautiful though, even though so close to hustle and bustle, it really feels secluded

Had a great time, proved to be a great workout. Trail markings were confusing at times or I would give it 5. we thought the switchbacks were well thought out. Definitely recommend it, we ended up with a longer distance because of poorly marked areas.

amazing scenery!

Nice short hike to do with a dog. I have an older dog with arthritis issues so we can't do what we used to. But she still loves to go. This hike was perfect for her. A lot to explore. Enough seclusion to feel like you were getting away. I agree the trail markings were few and far between and hard to follow when you did find them. I found it enjoyable with the map with this app.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Not for a bigger because all the sharp turns and steep hills. Also hard to find.

Good combo trail in North Park. Decent ascents to get the blood flowing. Blazes change occasionally and can be difficult to follow at times, but easy enough to find your way back. Clocked in a little longer than the listed mileage. Good views of the lake from the opposite hillside when the cover isn't fully grown in yet.

5 months ago

Good trail with some steep inclines at points. Connects with various blazed trails around North Park, but is mostly unblazed. Recommend using a map or AllTrails app to navigate. Plenty of opportunities to change trails and direction to lengthen or shorten depending on your preference. Prime coyote territory in North Park so just be alert.

We had a fun relaxing day of hiking and fishing at North Park! :-)

Got a little backwards because the specific trail isn't clearly marked, so I think I missed a few spots. Plus, I had to do some steep hill climbing to get back to a main trail. But, I wasn't in a hurry, so I enjoyed myself anyway.

10 months ago

Heavy Traffic on the road.