Neshaminy State Park is along the Delaware River in lower Bucks County. The park takes its name from Neshaminy Creek, which joins the Delaware at this point. The park measures 339 acres. The picnic areas and swimming pools are the most popular park attractions. Boating access to the Delaware River is provided at the marina.

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I've gone here since I was a little girl with my family, although we don't spend much time there's a beautiful as ever when we go!!!

I give 2.5 rounded up to 3. It's not bad and probably ideal for the family with kids. There are lots of covered eating areas, picnic tables and benches. It is clean and in pretty good shape. However I wasn't too excited about anything here. There are some nice spots right along the Delaware River, and the view of Philadelphia in the distance is cool. It's probably not a bad place to run. As previously stated this is a nice walk to do with the little ones. If you're looking for a more wooded area and varying levels of trail challenges, you should look elsewhere.

This is a park that seems to have potential for so much more than what I did. We had kayaks and it was a blast. Saw a great blue heron take off and land. I gave 4 stars but it is probably 5. I just did not experience the whole park yet.

Great view.!! Couldn't let my dog off the leash even if she was trained because park rangers won't let you. But still a great place for a walk.

Nice walk around the water and great view of the city of Philadelphia

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Great fav place to walk.

Awesome hiking trails along the river. Heard their is a few eagles nearby but i haven't seen them yet!

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This is a hidden gem. Is not a huge hiking trail park but it has the Delaware river to enjoy. On a clear day you can see center city. Their is one trail that takes you into the state park where picnics can take place underneath the beautiful lush green trees. Listen to the river while relaxing underneath a tree. Theirs also a huge swimming pool center. Theirs a $8 fee for entry. The state park has no entry fee, so is free! This park is good for biking as well. Is really safe and clean. Hope my review was helpful :) God bless