McConnells Mill State Park, in Lawrence County, encompasses 2,546 acres of the spectacular Slippery Rock Creek Gorge. Created by the draining of glacial lakes thousands of years ago, the gorge has steeps sides and the valley floor is littered with huge boulders and is a national natural landmark. A gristmill built in the 1800s is open for tours. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, year-round.

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I like to do this trail as a loop. I park at Eckert bridge and hike north on the east side of the river. Cross at the Covered bridge and work my way back south on the west side. It s a great day hike.

My grandson and I hiked on a very hot August day. Glad to have the river nearby to cool off. During his Thanksgiving visit he wants to go back and do it again. Great time.

Me and the old lady drove 3 hours to hike this trail after seeing it on here. Many ups and downs as previously stated, which tired her out. We made it more than 3/4 of the way through before we turned around. What a great time though! Definitely not an easy trail. We saw a few people, stopped and talked to a couple of them and they were incredibly friendly. Overall, we had a blast and will be going back to finish this trail.

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Great trail for a day long hike, though children and elderly might get tired of all the up and down elevation changes. A nice long section runs by the creek and there are some beautiful rock formations there. I prefer to bring two cars and park one at each end because this trail is a really great workout, but it's exhausting by the time you reach the end if you're not a regular hiker/backpacker.

Love this trail. The wind and the rain made it a special treat in that as we walked the beautiful yellow leaves fell like confetti. There were 12 kids, 3 adults, no animals. Kids did fabulous. Was hoping for elevation increase or something to make it a "rigorous" but all in all it was fabulous.

Short and sweet. Nice views of the waterfall at the end.

1 month ago

Beautiful area and geography. Highly recommend. not too difficult and family friendly for the most part.

Great trail if you want a workout. some nice scenery too. The mill area is much more scenic but the rest is very peaceful. I love the boulders near the river so I suggest you check out the other trails near the mill as well. Around 12 miles if you do the full out and back so give yourself 6 hours or so.

2 months ago

Not a bad trail; a little damp with wet leaves which made it a bit slick on the rocks. It's a very windy, rocky, root filled trail. My only issue was there wasn't clear markings on where the trail started and we were in the wrong place. Lots of steps to get down to water level but once at the right place and by the creek, the trail was great. The waterfall was lacking water, but still great to be outside.

Not the most scenic but a phically taxing trail.

Really pretty trail with some good ups and downs (literally). The only downside is no awesome views at the end. You can at least swim in the river!

We parked at Hell's Run and walked the trail and then back. Took us about 4.5 hours for the 12.5 miles, but that was with stopping to swim halfway.

Great trail, a little difficult to get through with our dog because it's somewhat narrow. Overall beautiful and definitely worth the trip

3 months ago

Took my 5 boys & wife on this trail and everyone did great. It's such a difference from various canyon trails in Arizona. Lots of shade and bedrock protruding from the trail. Lot's of variance in the terrain as well which made it interesting over the route.

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3 months ago

It is a beautiful trail and well maintained. Several nice climbs a bit of a workout. Trails all have easy to find blazes however a couple mile markers would be helpful

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3 months ago

My favorite trail in western PA. Great place to hike or trail run.