YOU CANNOT MOUNTAIN BIKE AT THIS LOCATION. Some trails are restricted to dogs as well.

I enjoyed this trail with my 2 year old son, husband and our dog. I'm also 8 months pregnant so it was ideal. Great views, not very wooded but lots of rolling hills and well maintained paths. We will probably try the red trail next time for a change.

My kids and I had a good time and the scenery was nice with its farms and grasslands. However, most of this trail is on gravel, which I don't like very much. This trail is better for a runner than a hiker. I will come back to try the red trail which seems to be deeper in the forest.

No mt bikes permitted, trust me.

not my thing, too many people, too many dog poop bags, more farm land then woods.There is a small patch of serpentine barrens that they are trying to save, that is cool, Rare plants and different terrain. If you are into birds this is a good spot, bobolinks, woodpecker other stuff(not my thing)

cross country skiing
2 years ago

I went x-country skiing on the yellow trail over the weekend and found that the preserve is a great place to ski. The trails have a great grade for skiers, and what can be a nice place to hike is a great place to ski if and when we have the snow to do it. I saw two other skiers and a few sledders on the hill close to the parking area. Overall a satisfying local place to get some exercise after a good snow.

I went to the Stroud Preserve today. I have been passing it on my way to work each day for over a year now and so it on here so I thought I'd give it a try. It's a nice place to get in a few miles, and there are a few interesting things like the bridge, an excellent looking old barn, and some pretty wild flowers. Most of the trails in the preserve skirt along farm fields so the slopes are pretty gentle and the trails are mostly mowed grass and gravel. It's no adrenaline pumping climb but it was worth my time for sure.