Good for the first hour, then its very boring.

The hike started off really sketchy in an open cornfield and a park that was really overgrown. We heard a few gunshots, some crazy sounding animals and no one else was on the trail. We finally saw more people so we continued. Later, we determined we heard hunting dogs and probably a hunter. The trail was overall a good workout, peaceful. I would suggest taking lunch to have at the overlook. There is also a way to drive to the overlook. Overall, pretty decent hike.

This is an all time favorite for me. I'm lucky enough to live close by. A lot of people stop when they hit the waterfalls, hang out for little, then head back. But I like to take the trail the whole way out to the river. No one is ever out there and you get I nice privet beach like area right on the Susquhanna. Pack a bathing suit if it's warm enough. You'll regret it if you don't!

8 days ago

Lovely trail. Great for the dog too. Found a nice flat rock near a 'waterfall' for a picnic

Nice day hike. The dog loved it!

13 days ago

need to make sure i come back when the rhododendrons are blooming, also, lots of pawpaw trees (shhh)

This is a beautiful trail. Lots of different terrain and little challenges! Little ripples and falls along the way. Nice rock formations and random chimney finds! Love coming here especially when the water is high for some natural swimming!

cool hike

New favorite

did the trail today. awesome is all i can say!!

not peen worthy

awesome scenic

Great trail not to difficult and great sites along the way

Beautiful, easy trail that follows a stream bed to the Susquehanna.

1 month ago

1 month ago

close enough from home, still interesting and nice trail. if you are with young kids, I recommend going counter clockwise to the stream. I don't think the trail is kid's friendly after that (rocky and bushy with thorny plants)