The trail was pretty hard for my dog and my family. There are lots of narrow passageways and rocky/slippery areas. Not a very kid friendly zone and not a good place to go when it is raining or when snowing. Also not good for after raining and snowing. The rocks will get very slippery! But If you like hard core workouts and climbing and also figuring out different ways to get through wooden areas. You should pop on your hiking boots and get a backpack and hit that trail!!!

Great hike! Keep the creek to your right for the best views! It was beautiful!

A very great trail system with significant elevation gains, some of the rocky outcrops on the trail require scrambling around or 3 points of contact.

Excellent little hiking spot. We parked at the small pull-off on River Rd. and walked down the right side of the creek until we hit the train tracks and came back on the other side. The trail was not hard to follow as it just follows along side the creek. Nice view of the Susquehanna as you close in on the 1/2 way mark. Very peaceful with the sound of the waterfalls and flowing water for most of the hike. Very little change in elevation but somewhat rocky in a few spots but footing is not tricky. We'll return once the weather gets warmer so we can wade around in the creek.

It was really pretty, but toward the end it got hard.

Nice day hike. The section along Kelly's Run creek was very picturesque and had a few challenging spots given the wet soil and leaves. When I go there again I plan to do the loop in the opposite direction (clockwise from the trailhead rather than counterclockwise) as I think this would be a more interesting hike.

Beautiful hike along a stream that leads down to railroad tracks and the Susquehanna. Not to challenging but rocky in places. Not well marked, actually not really marked at all. Just follow the stream and you won't get lost. We parked in a small lot and had walk a little down and across the road to get to the trailhead.

1 month ago

Nice hike with some elevation gain and some rock scrambling. Should be beautiful in the summer. The trail is marked with blue blazes and starts at the Kelly run Natural Area which has plenty of parking and potties.

Really pretty Trail even during the winter.

1 month ago

Awesome area with lots of trails perfect for hikers of all levels. Tons of shallow water and creeks, perfect for wading in the summer. Leads down to the Susquehanna River if you follow it down the whole way. More of a leisure hike, it doesn't get very steep or rocky. 10/10 recommend, this place is a verdant paradise in the summer!

Decent views and beautiful trails. Lots of wild life and a lot to explore. keep it clean!!

Terribly marked trail. Extremely confusing. All markings led straight into prime hunting grounds although signs posted everywhere said no hunting. We saw hunters in trees and got a few shotgun blasts close by even though signs said archery only. Abandoned trailed after about 45 minutes of just trying to get started. Terrible, dangerous hike.

Great hike and beautiful views. Followed the yellow blaze out and the blue blaze back. Note: make sure to start at the small parking area across from the woodworking shop.