Evansburg State Park is in southcentral Montgomery County between Norristown and Collegeville. Evansburg offers a significant area of green space and relative solitude in an urbanized area. Its main natural feature, the Skippack Creek, has dissected the land into ridges and valleys that create feelings of enclosures and provide scenic views. The narrow valley was first settled and farmed by Mennonites who also powered their industries with the water of the Skippack. Even now, mill remnants, mill buildings and houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth century dot the park landscape and serve as reminders of early American life. Today, the park is a quiltwork of cropland, meadows, old fields and mature woodlands that attracts day use visitors from the Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. People come to the open play fields, picnic areas, trails, golf course and the relatively tranquil, natural environs.

really pretty trail but at times was not well marked.

Very pretty and relatively easy hike. Was NOT well marked at all which was frustrating.

This is a great trail that can be added on to using a variety of additional hiking and horseback trails within the park. I would not rate this trail as easy but rather as moderate as there are several decent up and downs on both the north and south side of the creek. Plus the footing on much of the trail is dodgy (loose rocks, roots, wet areas, drop offs, etc.) and will force you to pay attention to your footwork. Since parts of the loops are shared by horseback riders it can get pretty chopped up and muddy especially after a storm. Very happy to have this park and trail system just a few miles from my house.

Great nature hike with different sights and terrain. We love coming here with our dogs on weekends. Some of the trails aren't marked well but they are well maintained!

The biggest issues are the horse weekends when it's hard to walk with dogs because there are so many horses on the trails and occasionally people let their dogs off the leash. The policy of the park is that horses stick to their own trails (they normally do) and dogs are on a leash (most are off the leash). Many times we have had to take our dogs off the main trail while other people leash up their dogs, which is annoying and disrespectful to others. The Park Rangers should address this.

Good trail, well maintained. A lot of sections are shared with horses which means tons of horse poop on the trail. Watch your step! Good access to the creek and the dogs loved splashing around and cooling off.

Beautiful area with access to river along the skippack trail. The 5 mile loop is not marked well and we needed to double back in a few sections. This app was a great help.

We like this trail very much! The northern section to the east of the river is the best section for views and wildlife. The kids and I walk this one every weekend. Kudos to the parks maintenance team ! Evens burg park is where we park to walk the loop, they do a great job.

Easy trail, good for kids dogs, Saw people on horseback too.

Use this course just for training

A quiet trail with beautiful scenery. The path gets pretty muddy when it rains so make sure you wear adequate shoes.

if you leave from the Kratz road entrance and walk about halfway you will end up on a road which got us confused. You will need to walk about 5 minutes down the road and then you will see a small Bridge that you will cross over ( if you see ada not accessible signs on the bridge you know it's the right bridge). cross the bridge and make a right and you're back on the trail. On the way back make sure you are sticking to the non Horse Trail. Nice views of the creek and the trails are interesting. Have fun!

Enjoyed the hike. The trail was extremely easy to navigate. Definitely will go back when it's a little greener.

7 months ago

Did today. Not hard. Nice peaceful walk. Took about 2 hrs tops.

I've been hiking the trails at Evansburg since 1993. For a short hike, of 2-3 miles, park at the Ander's Rd parking area and hike the east-side of the creek. It's much dryer and no horses to rut up the trail! Hike in for about 1.5 miles until you hit the road (Water St.) then hike back out for a beautiful 3 mile loop. October and May are the best 2 months for hiking. If you're concerned about hunters in the Fall, hike on a Sunday. No hunting is permitted on Sundays.

Very enjoyable hike with views of the creek, many footbridges, and the remains of buildings.

Trails were cleared and well maintained and it was a pleasant hike. However, the marking was terrible! Also at some points the horse trail and walking trail merge, and horses leave behind some undesirable obstacles ;)