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For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes between low forested mountains with barely a house in sight. Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge to form the famed "Water Gap." Exiting the park, the river will run 200 miles more to Delaware Bay at Wilmington, Delaware, and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

first time I've ever paid to go hiking but the falls and scenery were beautiful. all the walkways and stairs kinda take away from the beauty but I understand without them it would be hard to experience the falls the way you do.

7 days ago

good leisure trail very fast

Went at 9 am on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Park wasn't packed, saw maybe a dozen or so hikers on my 3 hour trek. I didn't see any snakes, but was careful where I stepped. The trail was rugged, steep and challenging. I would recommend trekking poles, even one would have helped. I went up the red dot trail and came back down the same way. I'd recommend having a backpack with water, tissues and a first aid kit. A few times I lost my footing, especially coming back down the rocky steep trails, and a fall would have been disastrous. I highly recommend this hike and would do it again.

Very busy trail and the erosion shows heavily in some spots. Three hour round trip with young kids (5 & 7). Amazing views. Nice swimming holes.

trail running
13 days ago

Tied this loops to the Douglas/Rock Cores/Garvey Springs loop connected with an out and back on the A/T (Raccoon Ridge). The run was decent, however the vista was extremely crowded with people drinking booze and eating pizza...so much for an enjoyable view.

trail running
13 days ago

Nice loop, running the ridge is great with some nice vistas and the firetower is a great view!

15 days ago

Very nice trail, but very strenuous all of which pays off in the end with the overlook of the Delaware River.

11/6/2016. Headed northeast from Dunnfield Creek trail head to Sunfish Pond with my 8 year old son. Packed lunch, water and plenty of snacks. Took us just over 2 hrs to get up to pond- pretty steady climb but not bad. A few areas were very rocky and one could easily twist an ankle if not careful. We were fine in sturdy sneakers, though light or medium hiking boot would be ideal. Followed the creek for a while- pleasant scenery. Eventually gain elevation and it gets a little harder. Passed a little area of cairns that was very serene and had some nice views from the top of the ridge looking northwest. Ate lunch at the pond- beautiful place to eat and rest. Didn't explore the pond, though would have if time permitted. We hiked back at a more leisurely pace, 3 hrs, giving plenty of time for an 8 year old (and his dad) to poke stuff with a stick or climb on rocks and trees along the way. Fall was a great time to hike. Also enjoyed being on the AT and not having to wear orange at the start of archery season. Highly recommend for family and kids 8+. Doable in one day- plan for 4-5 hrs directly or 6-7 if you plan on ambling. If you're a trail runner- I saw several runners pass me. Gradual climb and good distance made for nice run, though rocky terrain was a drawback for me, personally. Happy trails!

trail running
18 days ago

nice views especially if you live East of here, good for a run but I found it pretty crowded...

Beautiful and challenging.

Awesome view