Colonel Denning State Park, in north central Cumberland County, is in Doubling Gap, so named by the S turn where Blue Mountain doubles back on itself. This feature may be seen from the Doubling Gap Vista in adjacent Tuscarora State Forest. The park has 273 acres of woodland and a 3.5-acre lake.

Definitely not for the faint of heart...or the out of shape. This is a difficult uphill climb, but the view at the top makes it worthwhile. Enjoy!

Difficult trail on the return hike between the rocks and steep hills but soooooo worth it. Gorgeous view!

on Flat Rock Loop Trail

16 days ago

Awesome trail. Very rocky and straight up to the top. By the end of the day I logged 150 floors on my FitBit.

19 days ago

Great day! Hiked Flat Rock as part of and Environmental Edu field trip for about 90 fifth graders. The students loved it : ) there were clouds in the valley, but it was still beautiful. Reminded me of The Smokey Mountains.

It was a little bit difficult but super fun

This was a beautiful hike!! Definitely a climb but the view at the top makes every step worth while!

Amazing view at the top. Worth the hike. Bug spray a must

Amazing views. Worth the hike. Bug spray a must.

Extremely challenging.

I workout and run, and still finished this sweaty and tired. Totally worth it though... Amazing view at the top. Make sure you bring water, one of the maps (free at the bittom) and bug spray for the ticks and mosquitos (I used Off, and even rubbed it on my face, and still the bugs were flying into my eyes and mouth, and trying to land on my face THE ENTIRE TIME, from top to bittom).

Great hike though, and the view at the top is worth it.

3 months ago

Great hike with an awesome view at the end (one of the best I've seen in PA). Trail is very well marked and easy to follow. I would definitely agree that this was a more difficult and strenuous hike - it takes about 45-60min to get to the top, and almost all of it is uphill (rocky, too). Bring boots and lots of water. Very well worth it once you get to the top!

3 months ago

I've done this trail multiple times and it's always just as beautiful!

good place to practice steep hiking.

Found it quite challenging as a beginner hiker. But absolutely doable and a great trail and amazing view.

I've hiked this trail for years and the view is well worth it. I'd recommend hiking poles, especially for the trip back down.

4 months ago

difficult but well marked trail

5 months ago

Got our hearts pumping for sure. We had to take a few breaks, and it was pretty much all uphill, but it was SO worth it. Puppies were whooped and so were we. Would recommend to anyone!

6 months ago

Beautiful scenic outlook. Was a little confused with the look at the map before you venture out! Pretty difficult at times because the trail is going straight up almost the whole time. Would definitely recommend though!!