The 3,452-acre Codorus State Park is in the rolling hills of southern York County. The 1,275-acre Lake Marburg has 26 miles of shoreline and is a reststop for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. The lake is also popular with sailboaters and motorboaters. Anglers love the lake for warm water fishing and can also fish Codorus Creek for trout. Picnicking, swimming in the pool and camping are popular activities.

10 days ago

trail running
1 month ago

Nice short trail for a leisure morning run. Not too hilly and some obstacles to run across, not too rocky.

4 months ago

This is my favorite area of Codorus State Park, because of the pine tree forest area. I thought this was the best until I saw it in summer. The grandeur of the trees in rows absolutely takes your breath away.

The trails are pretty obvious based on the ware patterns, but it is a little difficult to figure out where you are going due to all the loop intersections. The first time I hiked this in winter, I did the outermost loop and was amazed at the change in scenery from lake to pine forest to normal forest, to field and back.

I will say that dodging all the horse poop is a bit annoying when you are trying to look at everywhere but down. But I guess it's nice that there is a trail area open to horseback riding that isn't a long a main road.

5 months ago

Easy walk. Beautiful trail in the am. Shady, good light, wildlife, water :)

8 months ago

Great trail for the family and dog friendly. There's access to water if u get bored.

Excellent hike for kids. My 5-yr-old and I go here frequently. Enough scenery an elevation to challenge him without overwhelming him. Only problem is a brief stretch of highway at the end. Safety concern.