Clear Creek State Park encompasses 1,444 acres in Jefferson County. The park occupies a scenic portion of the Clear Creek Valley from PA 949 to the Clarion River.

3 months ago

Really neat trail that ends at Beartown Rocks! The overlook is one of the best in the area. Great trail all together!

4 months ago

Hands down the best trail in all of Clear Creek and also probably the longest! This trail has a couple pretty neat vista views of the river that are worth checking out. Also has a thick area of mountain laurel that would have been pretty cool during the summer when they are in bloom! Over all a really cool trail to check out if you hiking near Clear Creek!

6 months ago

By far, the BEST trail in Clear Creek State Park. It's relativley new as I don't have it on any of my old maps from 10+ years ago. Hike the Truby to the trail head. Don't take Sawmill Run as it has become terribly overgrown and poorly marked. Finding the leg on that up the mountain to the Truby/Tadler head is luck at this point (and I've hiked it for 35 years).

The Tadler is a true gem though. The laurel fields that the trail cuts through are just amazing. Then it follows old ox paths through the Hemlocks around the Tadler Run creek. Be sure to take the off-shoot to the scenic view. In July, the laurel (or is it rhododendron?) leading up to the look-out point form a virtual flower garden. Then a hidden path around a rock path open up a hidden ledge that overlooks the mountain. It's like something out of a movie.

You do have hills on the way up or down to contend with though, but they're doable.

Love this trail and all the rocks are so fun!

9 months ago

Short and easy trail but runs along a very cool little run! Has other trails that branch off for a longer hike if you wanted. Filled with mountain laurel and beautiful foliage. We took our time and sat to listen to nature for a little bit.

1 year ago

This trail is actually longer than 0.1 miles. It really starts from the Clear Creek SP parking lot on rt 949 (just before the bridge over creek). You cross rt 949 and the trail meanders along the Clear Creek before heading steeply uphill to Beartown Rocks. My husband proposed to me on one of the bridges over the creek.

4 years ago

Very beautiful trail cutting up the northern end of Clear Creek State Park. The Trail is clearly marked and is a moderate climb (as compared to other Pennsylvania woods trails). The Rocks at the top of the hill are beautiful.

Beautiful trail. Great for kids and dogs. You are mainly right along the creek and the trail is flat.You walk through darker wooded areas and then out into little sunny open areas. The surrouding landscape is beautiful with large rocks and big trees.. Nice cool trail even in the heat of summer. My family loves it. We go walk and picnic every Mothers Day. Spectacular in the fall.

Good trail. Very hilly. Make sure you're in shape as the hill that makes up most of the trail is steep.

Fantastic hill but make sure you're in shape. Very steep. The view at the top is worth the trek up.

Great trail. Went in early spring. Would like to see it in fall.