9 days ago

awesome trail. great workout. the blazes get a little screwy by the ball fields, and towards the tail end of the northern side of the trail. but it was a great hike. will need a good 4+ hours to complete the loop

great trail
ill be back to finish the loop

Brady's Run is the park I grew up in. The trails are great for trail runs and feel deeper than they are.

2 months ago

Great trail!

4 months ago

It was a beautiful trail but there were some many splits and Y's in the trail, with no markings of where to go, we got so lost only a half hour in

Good technical trail. Significant inclines in places. Good workout.

Good 4.6 mile loop

1 year ago

This trail was fairly easy for us. It is very nicely groomed of debris making the hike/walk pleasant. You can make it shorter or longer by taking different routes. We went about 3.5 miles.

mountain biking
3 years ago

This park is great for building endurance and climbing, as well as some technical skills (log crossing, hairpin turns, short steep climbs). I didn't like it until moving made it the nearest option -- now, I love it. Getting to know it is important. If you're coming for a visit, stop by Snitger's Bicycle Store in Beaver for maps and directions -- it can be a little confusing out on your own.