road biking
3 years ago

I cycled a roundtrip section from Coraopolis to McDonald. Most parts of the trail were very well maintained, and others were very lumpy or rocky or heavy on the gravel. I did see quite a few volunteers with equipment working on the trail to widen it and remove debris, so I suspect those rough parts will get ironed out over the upcoming months/years. The first 8 miles were nice because it followed the winding creek, and the latter part was pretty for the wooded areas and wildflowers.

I blew out an inner tube just before finishing my section, with a tube having only about 80 miles on it, which might speak to the rougher condition of some parts of the trail (or, perhaps, me not using the correct tire for the terrain).

4 years ago

From US 19 going east to Logan Road is approximately 6.3 miles of steady incline. A good paved path most of the way and well maintained gravel when not paved. A great, and well used trail for walks, runs and bicycling.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Biked the trail from coraopolis to clariton, not a bad trip until the last 8 miles or so where the trail is incomplete. Roughly 48 miles from start to finish and does eventually connect with the great allegheny passage that leads to cumberland MD if your looking for a longer ride.

4 years ago

This trail is shown as 46 miles / 2 hours, hiking.
Whoever's rating these trails, I have a marathon sponsorship for you.