on The Pinnacle Trail

2 days ago

great views from the and there's a cave in the rocks on top

Great trail.. lots of challenges for a 60yr old hiker ..

This trail was awesome! Pretty exhausting for a 27 year old fit female although I don't hike ever weekend! Great, great trail!

8 days ago

Long Trail, itching to do it again

10 days ago

The Hiking Princesses loved this hike. We found it to be challenging and scenic, We met a lot of nice people along the trails. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in and we were unable to view the beautiful vistas, but it did not discourage us as the journey was well worth it. The trails are well marked which made us feel safe and confident. This was in grade 8.7 mile hike, returning along the babbling furnace creek. A destination not to be missed.

It's a long trail, moderate difficulty. The trails are well-marked. We only did 6.5 mi. of it today.

28 days ago

It was great time with beautiful views!

Beautiful views, worth the hike up! If you want the easy way up, take left at the loop

lots of fun. met a few great people to enjoy my hike with between Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle overlook. Pretty neat observatory and I'm told the people are friendly and will even let you take a peek. just a reminder to wear good boots and keep an eye out for snakes. I only came across 3 black Rat Snakes which are non venomous but still a little startled when I almost stepped on one by accident.

1 month ago

I arrived here on a Saturday morning at 10:15. Parked at the Hamburg Reservoir and did a variation of this hike. The parking lot was not nearly as crowded as I thought it would be.It was a very hot and humid day, and I suppose that kept some folks away. I hiked up the stone road to the Furnace Creek Trail, which passes the Hamburg Reservoir. It is an ascent, but not nearly as tough a climb as the A/T is. Furnace Creek Trail is a wide woods road trail that dead ends at the Appalachian Trail. I turned right on the AT and followed directly to the Pinnacle. After spending some time at the Pinnacle and eating lunch on the rocks, I retraced my steps and went back the same way. It was about an 8 mile hike total for both ways. It took me about 3:45 total hike time. This includes lunch at the Pinnacle and photo taking.