What a surprise! So many beautiful nuances! Love it

Nice views, easy to walk.

Lots of birds, butterflies, and field mice. Beautiful views with docks to lookout.

2 months ago

Incredibly beautiful and relaxing. A pleasant way to unwind after working in the city all day.

Beautiful day for a walk...a lot of wildlife...baby groundhogs ,turtles

Beautiful (free) place to run, bike, or walk your dog. Flat and easy but it can be pretty muddy on the back end of the loop that goes around the lake. So much beautiful wildlife to enjoy.

Little mushy but GREAT!

Cool trails, flat & def walkable. Big lake, water to walk around. Not a lot of squirrels today.

Great day to walk. Took photos. Super day animals and reptiles were out!! Just a nice relaxing day! Coming back soon!! A scenic area for anyone to get away to in a busy area.

9 months ago

I always love coming here, considering it's only a 10 minute ride from my house. Love bringing my dogs here, to enjoy the outdoors.

Very well maintained nature preserve-- I was shocked at everything we saw, especially considering the proximity to the city and airport. Turkeys, bunnies, deer, an eagle, groundhogs! The noise from i-95 is a bit distracting, but again-- this close to the city, I'll take it.

One word of caution: although the trails are well maintained, there is virtually no signage about trail splits (it's a network of old service roads)-- you could easily take a wrong turn and end up going for a much longer or shorter hike than you intended. At one point, I actually took what looked to be the trail and ended up going about a half mile out of my way and ended up under i-95. Sheesh.

Another walk within sort drive of Philly. Suggest checking out the refuge webpage for recent wildlife sightings before your trip. You can bike much of refuge, but bring a lock so you can check out bike restricted sections.