3 months ago

A nice short hike, very pretty forest and lake. A must do if you're there

This is a short and sweet hike along the lake power packed with beauty. I love all of the signs that label the different trees, mosses, berries, etc. Many times I've been on the trail it's been foggy and overcast but it's still beautiful.

Lovely dog walk to stretch the legs on a trip south. Very well maintained, great for kids or anyone who is limited by inclines. There is also a yurt campground there, run by the State Parks that would be a great spot to stay and explore the rich hiking region that this area is.

1 year ago

Very easy hike around a small but beautiful lake. A short detour to the west takes you to an overview of the dunes. Perfect for kids.

My sister and I walked this trail, it was easy and a truly beautiful hike. Our church had a "Sunrise service" last spring and it took me nearly a year to get around to taking the hike, but it was great.

2 years ago

Nice trail around a pretty lake near Umpqua Lighthouse State Park.