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One of my favorite places in Oregon. Moderate crowds. Leisurely hike. There were some bikers on the road. It is a bit rocky going to the pool but I saw children that climbed down. I went in October so I figure it is probably a lot more packed in the warmer months. Only a couple people attempted the chilly plunge. The trail there is very scenic as well and easy parking.

10 days ago

A great Christmas hike: easy terrain and really pretty with the snow. With the sun so low in the winter it wasn't hitting the pool even at noon and so it didn't look that blue when we got there but it was a fun hike nonetheless. We saw some merganser ducks by the river.

Easy hike. Really beautiful walk along the creek/river. Blue pool was a deep blue and quite dramatic against the white snow and wet stone. You don't get the Caribbean blue in winter but still worth it nonetheless. Without snowshoes you can't continue past the pool so it's a short hike.

Just about the one of the few places you can still go see in McKenzie River during this time of year. The parking lot was completely drowned in snow, so I parked along the side of Highway 126. I didn't realize how close Sahalie Falls is to the parking lot.

Continue hiking downwards if you want to see Koosah Falls. Even with all of the snow, it only took me about 30-45 mins to reach it. Be extra cautious where it gets really steep if you're going in the winter. If you have no grip on your shoes, you could fall. The trail is absolutely gorgeous with all of the snow around.

I did this hike on a sunny day and the terrain was gorgeous. In the summer, I would imagine the trail is super easy - great for children and beginners.

Beautiful hike! The forest was so green and the water was crystal clear. Not something we have in California for sure. My kids all did the trail 15,13, and 9 said it was was great! We did this hike in August

This is a great weekend backpack and provides for a chance to get up to Jefferson Park while avoiding the busier routes. There are two parts of the loop that as of Sept. 2016 were not well maintained, but passible. The first was the Crag Trail portion, particularly the lower part. The trail disappears for a brief bit, but you'll know you're in the right place when you see the BIG tree crossing the river... and note that it doesn't match the GPS coordinates for the trail (crosses further upstream). The second part is the last bit of Triangulation Peak trail before it intersects Crag trail on the return. It's not bad, but a bit overgrown.

This was a very easy hike. The pool was pretty, but honestly, I was unimpressed. There was also someone smoking a cigarette by the pool which made it unenjoyable.

1 month ago

Well-maintained trail. Great views.

1 month ago

I went 12/12/16 and went snowshoeing for the first time and it was awesome!! I went about 8 miles the Falls were covered in snow ( I've uploaded pics ) Check out my journey on Instagram @ Robdoesitall

1 month ago

Fantastic view at the top!! Definitely a workout- but the views are amazing. It's kind of a scramble getting up and down the last 50 ft or so- it's all rock. As of 11/30 there is no snow

trail running
1 month ago

A really great place for training runs. I went in late November and there was mud, slippery leaves, dry trails, wet rocky patches, fallen trees, and snow. Some good climbing but nice flats too to recover. Some really technical areas and a patch of tight switchbacks. The trail is mostly covered by trees, so the ground isn't too wet even this time of year, but it does make it pretty dark. If you're going in the afternoon maybe bring a headlamp or flashlight. You get a pretty diverse running experience here! My puppy and I will be back for sure!

Absolutely beautiful trail. The hike is easy and the reward is big. Unreal scenery that not even the best camera could capture the beauty. Ended the hike with a very chilly plunge into the water! 10/10 would recommend to anyone of any skill level

Beautiful walk/hike along the river with SEVERAL waterfalls and rapids.

This trail is much longer than the app states, probably by about a mile. Several parts of the trail were poorly kept and at one point, there was no way across the creek without risking to go in. Following a road back in my book does not count as a loop trail and I even had to walk right next to the highway to get back to the trailhead. As for the sights, there's not much of the creek.

1 month ago

Opal creek and jawbone flats is a great hike. Have done this hike quite a few times and it never gets old.

Just beautiful

Beautiful! Wonderful directions, very very quick and easy - and all entirely worth the journey to pop over a ridge and see this pool. One of the most incredible things I've ever seen.