me and my son took 4 days to go from graves creek to foster bar. what an amazing hike. great camping. only seen 1 bear at Rouge River ranch. a few deer. lots of lizards and squirells.

4 months ago

Easy, beautiful! I recommend springtime to avoid major heat off the rock canyons and bring water purification. plan on three to four days to enjoy it and I always recommend a car waiting at the other side or pay a raft shuttle company to give you a lift.

5 months ago

was a great trail and experience! don't be fooled tho... this trail has some tough areas that are narrow and a bit sketchy. but well worth the trip! We started at graves creek and hiked thru to foster bar June 2016. lots of poison oak so take tencu plus tick and mosquito repellent.

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6 months ago

I only did part of the trail with my family due to this being our first backpacking trip, but it's definitely one I'd love to complete in the future.

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7 months ago

First time on the trail and I had a blast. The views are breath taking. It rained on and off on Thursday, but not much. I was able to take refuge in a Lodge. I was so upset that all the lodges don't officially open until May 1st. So no hot food of even a cold beer.

I highly recommend this to anyone.

8 months ago

Amazing trail! Views are spectacular of the river from trail located at times high up the gorge carved into the rocky slope. Great short hike to Whiskey Creek cabin, an old mining site just 7 miles there and back from the trailhead.

8 months ago


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10 months ago

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1 year ago


Wondrous! Really great if you hike and sleep at the lodges

Great trail. Important to keep an eye out for bears or other big animals. They love our food scraps! Moderate trail unless your going in the summer time. Bring sunscreen and make sure you have plenty of water. There was a lot of traffic as well. Lots of day packers and trail runners. We went from Graves Creeks to Foster bar so the sun was at our back

Oh! I also walked right into the back of a bear. Thought it was another backpacker. My mistake. All went well. I was freaked but not as much as the bear I guess. He took off... That was exciting!

Loved this hike! We took our 10 yr old dog and he did great as well. We all had a little bit of a hard time when it turns to the canyon (where you are basically walking on the edge of the mountain and following the river). We did not calculate the length properly and it was a hot day so we got wore out, but still made it with smiles on our faces. The reward was camping in the field at the ranch. We had a great time the whole time and made a couple new friends by some bad luck at the very end of the trip. We left our truck at Graves Creek and after our 5 day trip someone had stolen the battery. So Please be careful and don't leave anything of value in your car. Luckily we didn't have anything they wanted other than our battery and another couples. We had an old truck and our new friends had a newer Subaru. It was disappointing but since we weren't alone in the unfortunate moment it wasn't so bad. Everyone around was pretty helpful and obviously we made it out alive. But not what you want to discover after a 5 day backpacking trip. Loved it regarless!

2 years ago

Enjoyed the trail and the river. The trail does leave the river quite often. Lots of fun swimming and fishing.Some nice jump rocks with deep water. Beautiful gorges. Very few mosquitoes in September. Took 4 days and 5 nights to complete Graves Creek to Foster Bar. At Graves Creek there are no signs indicating a trail head until you hike 50 yards up the trail at the far end of the parking lot. Took Dozer (my rottweiler) and he had a blast. He only barked at one animal in the middle of the night. whatever it was, It backed off. Hang your food overnight. Saw one black bear. Our 8 mile days worked great. Picked up a small amount of trash. The rafters have more fun on this river. I was a little envious. I am going to raft it next time.

My wife and I did this over the summer. We decided to start at the Big Bend Trail head and make our way east. The trail guides mostly cater to west bound backpackers so we had to take this into consideration. It was nothing a little additional planning and preparation couldn't fix.
A lot of the trail is in the sunlight. This is great if you are using portable solar panels. It's not so good if you are trying to beat the 98 degree heat with 30+ pounds on your back.
We encountered very little wildlife. We remained wary of bears but did not see any. we did learn the rattle snake high step although at my age it is not a dance I prefer. We heard but did not see two rattlesnakes. we didn't stick around to check them out.
For the most part we enjoyed our trip.
This could easily become a go to for friends who want to experience southern Oregon backpacking.

Absolutely gorgeous section of the Rogue. I'd say five stars but there is an insane amount of poison oak hugging the trail. We drove in to Marial and started midway, going as far as Brushy Bar to camp (about 7 miles). In May there was a plethora of spring flowers. Such a delight! The bear boxes were very helpful and reassuring with how many bears there were in the area. I'd love to raft this area soon.

3 years ago

Amazing views. Planned out 7 days to begin with but ended up doing it in 2 1/2 days. Surprising there is not a lot of trail access to the River but plenty of creeks to jump into.
The first half is uninhabited for the most part besides boaters and rafters. The second half, being the most popular, you tend to run into people more often for the reason of mid point trail access. Had more encounters with wildlife than humans. Saw one bear about 50 feet from us. Totally harmless but don't take your space from them granted since they are pretty big and intimidating. Saw an abundance of cougar dropping but no sightings. That occurred closer to the mid section of the trail.
I would say the last 5 miles before Illahee lodge is the hardest part with a lot of switchbacks and beware A LOT of poison oak right along the trail.
Enjoy because it is absolutely gorgeous out there!

4 years ago

This was a great backpack trip! Super beautiful scenery and isolation as there is only one road access at Marial. Generally the only other people you see are floating by below you in whitewater rafts. There is concern for Rattlesnakes in the warmer times, bear and cougar. I had a Rattlesnake rattle but didn't see him. Saw no bear or cougar but new they are around from other times I'd camped in the area along the river and saw both. Short hikes up the side creeks is worth your while too as there are some nice little waterfalls and swimming holes. I did this trip alone and in 2 1/2 days which was a little much. About 3 1/2 days would be nicer so you could relax a bit at some of the nice swimming spots.