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Nice stroll with plenty of wild life sightings dep on the time of season day. Great trail to take a mountain bike on also. Bring your rod and catch a fish.

4 months ago

Very cool hike, awesome views of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness and very friendly fire lookout attendant with tons of knowledge about the area

Had a lot of downed trees making trail hard. Might've been time of year

Terrific place for families and anyone who wants a pleasant hike. Well-maintained, dog- and kid-friendly, bathrooms, picnic tables, boating, .... It's especially nice to have a hike with a few trees and a water feature in this region of WA.

5 months ago

Good trail. If you start from Panjab trail head know where the springs are for water access. Dunbar and table camp springs were either dry or we could not find the exact location. We had to go to emergency spring, so our first leg of our 20 miler was 11 miles and a little rough.

6 months ago

good fun

6 months ago

6 months ago

Went hiking overnight. The road is bad, but the subaru made it. I recommend a truck. There is a $5 National forest fee, which is payable at the parking area with cash in an envelope. The trail starts nice and easy, however the second half is really unmaintained, hundreds of huge trees cover the trail. I took a dog and had to lift her over about half of them. There are huckle berries and wild strawberries about 2 miles in. Also, lots of bear scat but didn't see any bears, or any animals save for a few birds. At the end of the trail 4.1 miles in, there is a nice camp but is covered with potential widow makers, but if you cross the river there is a nice meadow. The place is super dry, and a burn ban was in effect. Also, there are ticks but only saw one and my hiking buddy saw a few rattle snakes. Overall, not bad.

Awesome hike. Lots of elevation gain. The views were spectacular.

6 months ago

Very Beautiful Area, even after a recent fire, nature had no issue covering it's wound. The Wenaha River offers some great fishing and camping all throughout it's expanse, along with some very fun hiking trails that seem like the veins of the forest. If your thinking of checking this hike out be sure to pack a fishing pole you wont regret it. Trail is a constant incline and is difficult be prepared.

Very nice selection of trails over rolling terrain. Good for all able bodied folks!

Steep but worth the views

beautiful views :)

Great views, well-kept trail.

My second home!

11 months ago

Perfect hike with out little one in the pack. Amazing views. We were lucky enough to watch several fires burn as we got the the lookout station

Hiked the northern (approximately 2 miles) end of the trail. Accessed via coyote ridge trail head near tollgate Oregon. Beautiful scenery of the valleys. Be careful about foot placement on this section of trail, steep hillside and semi loose rocks and dust on the trail. I'll add photos and the track of this section.

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1 year ago

One of my favorite ride through the Blue Mountains.

My wife and I did this loop on memorial day weekend, it took us two and half days. There was a lot of fallen trees on the trail then, but not to hard to get over or under. We seen a few deer, and the marmots were active, no bear sightings this trip.We arrived at the trail head at 3:00pm Saturday afternoon, Walk, walk, walk, made it to Tee Pee camp ground at about 7:00 Made camp and had dinner. Sunday morning we set off about 7:00am to the wooden fire look out, walk, walk, walk, We seen a couple deer cool,walk walk. We hit the trail to the look out so we ditched our bags and trekked up the the wooden fire look out, beautiful scenery all the up and all the way around. Ate some lunch on the benches that are on the wooden structure before going on to Indian Corral, we got some awesome pictures on our way back to our bags. this next stretch was the worst with all the fallen trees on the trail. Both the wife and I were tried of having to navigate them over and under but we finally made it to Indian Corral at about 4:00pm. We made camp, dinner and ate some chocolate mousse and had some hot chocolate for the night. Monday morning was late to rise morning we knew that we only had about three hour to the trail head to meet our ride, so we relaxed and broke camp at about noon. we were back on the trail about 1:30 pm. It's always easier on the way down. about a mile or so before the Tee Pee Indian Corral junction we found the trail was almost gone, the wind took out a big tree that was at the edge of the trail. It was a massive root system. we made it to the trail head at about 5:00pm to find our ride waiting on us. They had arrived earlier that day and had a picnic to pass the time. It was a really great trip, we want to do it again soon!!