Nice trails, very flat, offers wonderful animal sightings. A nice little escape from the city.

Gorgeous trails, lovely views. We saw chipmunks and a western garter snake. The Nature Center was lovely and the staff was helpful and extremely knowledgeable, as well as happy to help us identify the flora and fauna we encountered. The restrooms were nice.

Easy, safe, fun trails.

Good trail, easy walk

I live right next door so I hike this a lot. Beautiful and peaceful in early morning.

trail running
5 months ago

Good trail to run on a lot of loops to add up the mileage and relatively flat. It is also good for walking and there are a good number of viewpoints. It is more of a wetland than anything, so there are not the panoramic views seen in trails near Portland, but there is a lot more wildlife.

Beautiful and easy to do!

Beautiful and as easy as you could ever want for kids of all ages. Teeming with flora and fauna at all times of year. Woods, wetlands, and a pretty nice little nature center. Clean bathrooms, friendly staff, constantly maintained/improving trails. Sort of a choose-your-own adventure trail length, too, since there are various entrances and exits to Merlot and SW 170th as well as the Milikan parking lot entrance. Immediately accessible to the platform at the Merlot Max station. Good for a moseying stroll or an easy, breezy jog.

I like this place.

we actually saw deer in this park in the middle of the city

This is more of a nice forest park stroll. It's close to my home and it's nice to run or walk and enjoy nature. Well maintained beautiful woods.

Trails were well maintained...animals hiding everywhere...great for sunsets with a view of mt parking