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Must be a hunting area or something nearby. Lots of gunshots. Otherwise, typical woodland trail.

beautiful scenery with an easy hike

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2 months ago

this was my favorite local go to biking trail! I would take the gravel road to the story burn day use area. you're essentially at the top. I've done it as a loop but usually as an out and back. from the top day use area you can access the trail to the right (looking at the wooden Map sign). this takes you down a great and smooth downhill ride with beautiful scenery!! only issue is I've done it as quick as 15 minutes once I got comfortable with the trail (totally worth it though!) at the bottom trail continues straight but I would go right over the bridge and this soon ends in gales Greek campground. if you enjoy pain you can go up the summit trail from the campground or shuttle/hitch or what I did most, hike/bike back the way I came....the other option from the top is to go left (looking at the wooden sign) this side is fun as well but eventually drops in to some grown in wet area before opening up in to a forested area that then leads to university falls. the exploration aspect of this side of the trail was fun but the biking was not quite as smooth and fast....

Great workout and amazing views. Beautiful climb up through all the ferns and mossy trees.

Great demanding hike for someone that is in good shape. My dogs and I ended up finishing it in 5 1/2 hours with taking time to enjoy the view, taking pictures and eating at the top. I really enjoyed this hike but would almost recommend shuttling vehicles instead of doing Wilson river trail. After seeing the views the Wilson river trail part is pretty disappointing. All in all give it 5 stars!

3 months ago

Incredible trail but definitely difficult. Three or four sections were pretty rough and the heart rate got up pretty high (170s for me, I had a HRM on). Dense vegetation throughout until you get right to the top so not many views on the way up. But man... all of that is completely worth the top view. Gorgeous views that i could've stayed and just looked at for days. Very lightly trafficked, as we were there on a Monday morning except for one gentleman who told us he was always out there.

If you have the time (~3 hours round trip) and the physical fitness, this trail is a must.

Super short easy trail that leads to a flat marker on the ground at the four county point. The whole hike was punctuated by the sound of gunshots; I never saw anyone but could hear people firing guns nearby the entire time. Not the vibe I seek while hiking.

4 months ago

This trail is awesome! So beautiful. The lush green makes this trail outstanding. It is definitely difficult. The trail is very steep, but once you get to the top the view is worth the work.

4 months ago

hard hike but easier than elk mountain trail

I hike at the Columbia Gorge quite a bit so I have been somewhat spoiled. View 3.5 stars. I rate this 3 stars only because I feel this trail was a little dangerous on the day I hiked due to so much loose gravel and dirt making it extremely slippery even with good shoes. I did not fall but I came dangerously close to falling on my ass probably 4-5 times during the hike and that is very uncharacteristic of me. I met a nice lady about a mile in on my way to Kings Mt summit and she was on the way back down. I came across her again after I was about 3.5 miles away from completing the loop. I had made a wrong turn and headed to the Elk Mt camping area. She had fallen a few times and was in need of water. I had a spare 500ml bottle for her and it felt really good to help her. Anyways.... lessons learn from that incident is bring lots of water. I used less than a liter for the loop but I can see how some people might need 2L. This hike can be considered hard if you're not conditioned for it and the danger of loose rocks and gravel and some steep climbing and the potential of falling and getting hurt or die. Other than that it's not that challenging. I was able to complete the entire loop in about 4 hours 20 minutes and traveled 11.92 miles including the wrong turn. I was on a fast pace but not running. It's too dangerous to run on this trail. If you plan on running the trail go somewhere else because this is not the trail for that. Hiking poles can and will help your balance in may areas. I didn't have my poles with me and wish that I had them with me. Anyways... overall a decent hike. A solid 3 stars in my book. Without the loose gravel on the trail then a solid four stars. A good trail to do once or perhaps twice to go back and watch the fall foliage. Not kid friendly unless you have harness for the child, because if your child slips and falls off the cliff you will feel guilty for the rest of your life. If you don't want to take that risk leave your child at home for this one and take your child to hike Multnomah Falls trail or the like instead. Not for first time hiker friendly. If you are a couch potato and one day a friend invites you to go do this hike you need to politely decline unless you plan to only go a mile or so into the loop. The loop is not the trail to take your friend who hasn't seen the gym, run, or hike regularly. However, if you're condition and can hike up 3,000 feet with ease or have recently finished a half marathon in less than 2 hours then your will enjoy this trail and not break a sweat doing it.

We started from the university falls trailhead. nice and easy hike for the kids. the one downside is the trail isn't marked well and with a bunch of kiddos that can be confusing at times. The kids had fun at the falls and fun father down playing in the creek.