Beautiful and well maintained.

Easy enough for any age group. Beautiful waterfall at the end.

on Susan Creek Falls Trail

6 months ago

Nice short hike. Well maintained

so much fun and you can get really close to the waterfall.. my dog loved it too.. though make sure you are aware there is poison oak on the side of the trail so look out. Fogs will be fine but don't touch the plants your self..a f wash your dogs if they go though it.

very easy kid friendly loved it

very easy trail. Very popular as there were many families on the trail. Lots of dog poop on the trail. Wish people would be more responsible with there pets.

It has an absolutely beautiful trail and the falls are amazing. Easy in and out trail also.

Very short trail, lots of people on it on any given day. Good trail to take kids on. Would definitely do it again.

My husband and I were at Seven Feathers for our wedding anniversary. We decided to drive to Susan Creek Falls and enjoy the waterfall before heading home. After experiencing this waterfall, we didn't want to leave! I really wish the swim hole wasn't so cold or I would have gone swimming. Very beautiful in person. I'm sure it's even better when the water level isn't low. The hike is very easy to accomplish and a very well maintained trail.

Just something quick to do. VERY short trail. I would do Fall Creek Falls trail over this one.

Nice easy hike. This trail is wheelchair accessible and very well maintained.
There are 3 viewing areas of the falls and there is also a picnic table. It'd be a nice place to relax with a snack or picnic lunch.

An easy hike to a nice waterfall. There's viewing areas, benches and a picnic table at the falls, and easy access to the creek if you have some adventurous kids. A nice Saturday afternoon.

A nice easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. The once accessable indian mounds are now off limits, probably a good thing. Very shaded trail full of ferns and moss. Watch your step as it can be slippery.

There is a restroom at the parking lot and a picnic bench near the falls. This trail is moderate and not too difficult. There are three main areas to view the waterfall when you reach it - to the right, in front on a little bridge or to the left. The waterfall looks best in the early spring as the flow is large and beautiful. The trail is kept very nice and you are able to dip your feet in the water if you wish.