good trail, expect dogs and bikes.

4 months ago

great hike me and my son enjoyed it very much

4 months ago

Nice partly shaded walk with mountain dog, two kids, Big Daddy and Fat Amy. Ripe blackberries, some huckleberries and flowers. Deep Creek can be heard/seen/accessed at some points along the trail. Dog owners need to be more responsible and pack OUT their dog's doody. Leaving a full bag in the trail is bad manners and vile for those who end up packing it out for you. :-/

mountain biking
6 months ago

This was an easy pleasant ride. The trail is good for all skill levels and is bordered by wildflowers, berry bushes, and a creek is accessible in a few spots.

road biking
9 months ago

Dangerous , lots of homeless camped all along the road side. Avoid the Portland portion

This is a pretty walk...especially in the Powell Butte area but it gets kind of crowded. Best to go on a weekday. It's beautiful on a nice, sunny day with a breeze blowing through your hair.

9 months ago

boring and not much to look at....

Always a nice walk or bicycle ride not bad rollerblading on parts of it A bunch of offshoot trails to swamps streams and ponds also can enjoy Powell butte

trail running
1 year ago

trail running
2 years ago

I like the trail from Boring to Gresham, it's pretty and it's populated with walkers, runners, bikers, etc. Its paved, I run on it. Further west on the trail, nearer to Gresham it gets dirtier and you run into more of the street element that a lot of people don't like, all in all it's a great running trail (bear in mind all paved).

I started the trail at Johnson creek blvd in Portland, and hiked all the way to Boring, OR. The hike through Portland can be shady because of all the homeless that live on the trail so I make sure to bring my Glock for peace of mind. Once you get out of Portland into the country, the scenery is beautiful. the farther you are in between cities, the less crowded it gets. Perfect times to break out a fat joint and my camera. The trail is a lot of fun. Smokes a joint with a hippie named Darrell, He claims he owns the trail and has been living on it for 17 years. The loop is 40 miles, not 26

It's a fun place to take a walk except all the bums sleeping in the bushes getting drunk and shouting profanities , early morning is best.

road biking
4 years ago

This trail is for a lot of people a great cardio workout. Paved in most areas it's safe but I have seen some shady looking people. All in all great point to point trail gets you to the max lines and then the city is yours. Enjoy

From the directions this site gave me there was no trail! I was unable to find a trailhead anywhere :/ No luck, no review. If anyone knows of some nice spots around Sandy, Damascus and Happy Valley area to hike with 2 dogs, I would love to know! Let me in on the secret trails!