If you enjoy scenic views of deep river canyons or rock climbing, Smith Rock State Park is the place for you. There are several thousand climbs in the park. More than a thousand are bolted routes. We also offer miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Along your trip through the canyon, you might see golden eagles, prairie falcons, mule deer, river otter and beaver. Due to the uniqueness and fragile aspect of the park, park rangers enforce the animal leash law and strongly encourage all park users to stay on trails. Note: Open fires prohibited at all times. There is a designated place for cooking with propane and white gas stoves. Cooking is not allowed anywhere else in the park. Gas lanterns are also prohibited. Smoking is only allowed in vehicles.

15 days ago

Steep uphill but worth the sweat! Lots of rock climbers- they are so fun to watch. 5$ parking fee

17 days ago

Fun hike with incredible views! The uphill really wasn't that bad and it was mostly in the beginning so you can just get it over with and enjoy the rest of the hike :)

Beautiful views over all the surrounding mountains and towns.

We took our 7 year old daughter, who enjoyed the playful antics of river otters a bit more than the switchbacks up Misery. Yet rewarded by great views, and a close up of a standalone ecosystem that rubberneckers at the base probably don't suspect is up on top. Great views of monkey rock, from beneath, side and above. Watching world-class rock climbers on impossible routes -- bonus!!

mountain biking
29 days ago

Absolutely amazing. Challenging uphill trek but soooooo worth it. The views are spectacular. Plan on spending some time along the way and at the top to just take in the beauty.

Loved this hike! Incredible scenery the entire way up and down. 60 degrees was perfect weather. Wouldn't do it on a hot day! Make sure you eat a good meal before going up. I failed to to so and was pretty woozy on the way up. Heights do that to me anyway, so the mix of those wasn't fun. So bring a power bar and plenty of water or Gatorade! Also wear the right shoes. The loose dirt and gravel makes for slippery conditions in some spots. Over all I can't wait to go back someday!

Beautiful sites. So worth it! A lot of uphill hiking. Some of the areas can be a little slippery but manageable. Just wear good hiking shoes and be careful in those spots. If it is warm, be sure to bring enough water. Also a snack since it is a long hike.

We got to see some amazing tight rope walking where some rock climbers walked between Monkey Face and Misery Ridge. It was amazing.

That walk back up to the parking lot at the end about did me in. 

This is a great hike! It's definitely a hike that will get your heart rate up and make you sweat. You will probably want to take breathers along the way up, as the switchbacks are steep. We hiked in the late afternoon, which put us on the shady side of the rock going up. Central Oregon is quite hot in the summer, and I wouldn't want to hike this trail mid-day. The view at the top is fabulous, and it is so fascinating to watch rock climbers and slack-liners do their thing. The descent on the sunny side of the rock was pleasant, because by that time of day it was naturally cooling down and the trail paralleled the river. There is incredible scenery at every angle and every height, even down low along the river. Anyone who likes hiking and lives in Oregon needs to do this hike...and it's a great place to take visitors. It really showcases what Oregon has to offer outdoor enthusiasts.

Great hike! Very steep and I had to take a few breaks, but once up top it was so worth the views!! I really liked watching the rock climbers too! Make sure you have good shoes for slippery terrains!! So happy I got this one under my belt!!

Amazing views of sisters mount Jefferson black butte and many more. Able to see numerous mountain climbers and several climbing monkey face. Great great hike!

1 month ago

Awesome views. A great early morning challenge.

Great hike with steep, slippery descents. This is one of the harder cardio hikes I've been on and it feels very hot even when it's only in the low 70s. It's cool to watch the rock climbers and the view from the summit is magnificent. It's a great place to take visitors.

2 months ago

Challenging and great hike!

Smith Rock State Park has to be one of my favorite places in all of Oregon. I have hiked here three times and this is always a destination point for me when I visit Bend. The rock structures here are part of the walls of an ancient volcano, so the area is geologically fascinating. The Misery Ridge Trail has to be one of the most appropriately named trails and hiking it is not for the faint of heart. However, the views from the top are well worth it. Treat yourself by hiking along the River Trail which loops back to the trailhead. From along the river the views are just as impressive and you will see many rock climbers enjoying the awesome and towering rock walls around you. Lots of native plant and animal life make their home here and photo opportunities are endless. A must for any adventurer visiting central Oregon!