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Great hike...very moderate... ran down to falls

Very long road but the waterfalls were amazing!

Long drive but definitely worth it!

16 days ago

This was a great hike for a rainy day. My 17-year-old daughter and I made this a fun day. the walk down is beautiful. and the return trip is a bit taxing but overall a great hike.

This was NOT a easy hike at all.
Nor is the trail maintained either.
There are broken trees you must climb over and under that have falling into the trail.
Lots of steep inclines.
The walk in was intense and the walk out was worse.
2 hours in and 2 1/2 hours out.
The waterfall was nice but the hike its self was intense.
This is NOT for beginners

Sweet bridge. Nice waterfall. Way too many selfie-takers.

I'll rate this as a 5 star for what it is, a fairly easy hike. The view on the summit was lacking because it was basically a peak with little room for any view. But it was the top and it felt good making it there. The trails were clearly marked and maintained, even after this last ice storm. I saw some large salmon in the creek that flows into the Siuslaw, that was pretty awesome. I spotted a crane or heron flying out of that same creek. The bird songs near the top really added some great atmosphere. It was worth the time and effort and would gladly go again.

Great Hike. No real view from the top but beautiful woodland scenery.

Entirely freaked out by heights, still managed to survive. Such a stunning view.

Awesome photo opportunity at practically every turn.

Nice BLM trail. Can see salmon spawning in Whittaker Creek certain times of year. Trail goes through some riparian areas and climbs up quickly through some old growth. Not a great view at the summit, but nice hike.

The bridge is worth going, the bonus is the waterfall! What a great atmosphere!! I went with my three kids 9/2016.

on Roads End Trail

1 month ago

Most of the reviews and pictures posted here are actually of the God's thumb hike. There is not an actual trail for 'Road's End Trail' it's just a suggested route for a beach walk, starting at Road's End Recreation Site, which is just a parking lot with beach access. (For a shorter walk you could start at the beach access between 72nd and 74th streets, but there are only 3 parking spots there) The 'trail' goes north on the beach around a rocky point to a little hidden beach at the base of God's thumb. This is do-able year round, but only at low tide. Walking on the rocks to get around the point can be slippery, might be hard for kids under ~10. It is a beautiful spot that has beautiful sea shells and drift wood depending on the time of year. Pay attention to the tide so you don't get stuck on the hidden beach when the tide comes back in.

1 month ago

We did this trail out and then connected with Cummings creek trail. Amazing long day.